Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is there such a thing called "Garifuna Reality"?

It’s a Saturday morning on the 20th February 2010 and I am literally having some flashbacks, you see, it’s been nineteen years since my release from prison. I remember asking myself this same question nineteen years ago,” what am I going to do now”?

You see, I just go through reading an invitation to the Garifuna People from the broad of directors of a Mayan Program that is linked with the United Nation through the Norwegian Embassy. What caught my attention is the second subject on the agenda for a meeting with a delegate of more or less thirty five members representing the different branches of the institutions already mentioned on March 9th 2010, they would like to know the Garifuna Reality and Our Priorities.

First allow me to address the nature of this particular question more on a personal level and then share my observation with the reader. Is there such a thing a as a Garifuna Reality? In my humble opinion or point of view, I would rather say, that it is a relative question. What I have observed for the past nineteen years as a Garifuna is, that all there is, Is now. In other words, nineteen years from now, will be related with what I am doing now.

I make real that to which I pay attention; therefore you make real that which you pay attention to. Finally we make real that to which we pay attention. However it is important to acknowledge that there is also another dimension to this, they make real that which they want us to pay attention to. For this to make more sense allow me the opportunity to break it down “Life is a series of relationships”, I am connected to whatever it is that makes up my reality. Let’s take a step towards something more actual or real in our community today, it is already two weeks since the majority of the Garifuna children here in Labuga have not had classes.

The word Garifuna Reality caught my attention; because the Garifuna Children are our reality weather we would like to accept it or not. For the for most part, we have Garifuna Professionals who have shown through their actions where they are going to pay “Attention”

I would like to emphasize that, over two thousand years ago, one of the Greatest Teachers of all times tells us, that only through the eyes of a child can we enter his kingdom.

Au le

Lubara Huya.

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Tomas, what's this about prison?