Saturday, November 26, 2016


Day-35- Fri. 18/11/16- It is 6:49 in the morning and just got through reading a message we wrote  a little over twenty four hours  ago. We are writing this because the official invitation for the town board meeting will be held on the 24th November 2016 on the second level of the Muni. In this case, the day that has been set aside to set the seed of education is the   24th November 2016 which is going to be Day-1 on our calendar because Day- 40 is the day before which is the  23rd  November 2016.

The next five days will be like preparing and cultivating the soil. We hope to be at the local Jr. High sometime this morning to sit with Brother Francisco Caballeros the school principal and with Brother Libio Centino the first Garifuna Psychologist in Guatemala and who is also a member of the commission of education that is in formation as we speak.

On the other hand the concept of Timeless is like the germination process, it is like the relationship between the soil and the seed.

Day- 36- Sat. 19/11/16- It is 5:23 in the morning and has been thinking about the way we would like to share the following disappointment with our readers. In this case, our local Jr. High in the community of La Buga was broken into or burglarized the night before.  Among the equipment they stole were the only four computers that were in good condition for the entire establishment.

 From our point of view, what took place at our local Jr. High is worse than the lynching that took place here in La Buga on the 4th October 2016. The people of La Buga were pushed to their limits and   because of that, there was an explosion of emotions that went out of control.

Lately there is a group of rats in La Buga and it is time for us to take a look at who is buying the cheese and who are the owners of the cheese factories.

On the other hand, Beluba Luba Furendie closed their doors yesterday with a golden touch for the school year 2016.  There was a group of at least fifty children under the age of seven blended into one at Beluba Luba Furendie yesterday to say bye to another year.

In this case, we would  the world know that we are grateful for the wonderful touch of kindness Beluba Luba Furendie has brought to the lives of the Children in the Municipality of La Buga. We are beyond grateful to each and every one that has made this a reality in many of the lives of the children in our community.  But for this Wonderful Touch of Kindness to continue BELUBA LUBA FURENDIE have to continue knocking on doors for financial support.

We are a short of our expectations for the coming year 2017, we are not sure as of yet, if Beluba Luba Furendie   can open the doors that were closed yesterday with a golden touch by the children in our community. We believe that this will have to take another Wonderful Touch of Kindness for the Doors of Beluba Luba Furendie to open on the second week of January 017.

Day- 37- Sun. 20/11/16- It is 5:25 in the morning and Day-40 is seventy two hours away. The next three day will give birth to the Commission of Education that is in the making.

It will give birth to a transformation that is taking place with the actual administration of President Jimmy Morales. From what can be seen, there is a stable relationship between the three main components.  In this case, we are saying that there is a stable relationship between the President of the Republic, the Mayor of La Buga and the Garifuna Community at large. 

A town board meeting is scheduled for Thursday 23rd November 2016 and we are on the program to address the petition for the formation of the commission of education for the entire municipality of Livingston.  We [Garinagu] would like to participate and to be a part of a transformation that is taking place. Since April 2015, Guatemala has been going through a transformation and continues today. 

The Government has made it very clear that one of the priorities of his administration is Education. Most of us know that Guatemala has a bad reputation around the word in Education.  Most of us know that La Buga has a bad reputation on a national level. Most of us know that our local Jr. High has a bad reputation.

Our reputation as Guatemalans as far as Education is concern is nothing to be proud of. We have mentioned to Our President and Our Mayor that Our Children deserve the same education that their children are having. Guatemala needs equal opportunities for education.   Most of us understand that it will not be an overnight thing. Transformation is a process and can be Timeless.

Day-38-Mon. 21/11/16- It is 4:38 in the morning and have been romancing some of the dates that have given birth to a moment like this. The concept of romancing a date is about being aware of the moment. The concept of a birthday is like the beginning of self-awareness. When does it begin and where does it end. This is a million dollar question and would like to address it at another place and time.

From our point of view, today is giving birth to a transformation. A Spiritual Transformation is happening as we write. We [Garifuna Nation] are the Jew of the Caribbean and we would like for our readers and the world to know that we are not alone.

Marcos Sanchez Diaz has never abandoned his descendants. Marcos Sanchez Diaz has never failed us; we are the ones who have fallen short of our own expectations. We are expecting to be better Garinagu today than we were yesterday.

Day- 39- Tues. 22/11/16- It is 4:36 in the morning and what a twenty four hours it has been. The past twenty four hours has been some of the most euphoric moments we have had in La Buga in many years. Yesterday was Marcos Sanchez Diaz Day in La Buga and from our point of view it’s like the birth of a new day, a new day in the sense that a transformation is taking place and many of us are aware of it. Many of us are aware that we are the Ancestors of Tomorrow and we are not alone because we believe that there is a continuation. The struggle continues today, but this time we are more aware than before.

It was the 22nd November 2014 that we came from Dangriga with four Mahogany Trees donated to us by Brother Benny.  We hope to be in Gangadiwali sometime this morning to continue a relationship with the four trees that we believe goes beyond the material.

 Therefore it was two years ago that a relationship began with these four trees and continues today but we are more convinced now than ever before that we are on a different level. The concept of having a relationship with the Spirit of a Mahogany Tree is not an easy concept to grasp.

Day-40- Wed. 23/11/16- It is 6:35 in the morning and was thinking that we were on Diriwana’s Table yesterday and could not avoid memorizing  the different stories we have heard over the years  about the Mahogany tree that Diriwana’s Table was eventual constructed from. We have heard from a witness who told us that his uncle Basilio Castillo well known as Diriwana started the relationship with the Mahogany Tree in 1964.

Diriwana lived in Gangadiwali for a significant part of his life and by having a Table made in his honor from a Tree that he was connected to, links us to a continuation that is taking place at this moment. At this moment we are joining forces with the Spirits of the Mahogany Trees. Diriwana’s Table in Gangadiwali will be five years old tomorrow and would like for the readers to know that our prayers have been waiting for this moment.     
Today, 23rd November 2016 is Day-40 on our calendar and therefore the next Day-40 will be on 2nd January 2017. Between now and the 1st January 2017 is going to be crucial for us as Garinagu in Guatemala. From our point of view it will be like 40 days and 40 nights in the life of Jesus Christ when he was being temped [tested]. It will be like the 40 days and 40 nights in arc of Noah during rain and storm and it will be like the 40 years in the desert with Moses. 

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya         

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dreams with Our Father

Day- 26- Fri. 30/9/16- It is 6:39 in the morning and just got through reading a message we shared with our readers a year ago yesterday, however, in this case, here is a message  that we would like to  share with our readers a year from today. “September 30th 2017 is three hundred and sixty four days away and that is why it is hard to say what will happen during the way, but this much we will say, we the Garifuna People are not far away.”

Day- 27- Sat. 1/10/16- It is 6:39 in the morning and has been thinking about the departure of Brother Ivan Jamett. Bro. Ivan left La Buga a few days ago on his way to a new adventure that destiny and faith has designed for him. The departure of a brother like Ivan has not been easy, we met the brother nine years and today we have an area in Gangadiwali that we honor with his name {Ivan’s Area}. We have come to the conclusion that Ivan’s departure from La Buga is one of those Hard Lessons we have been sharing with our readers.

Speaking of Hard Lessons, we received a phone call from Houston Texas a few minutes ago to inform us that my father Pedro Blanco has made his transition. I first met my dad in 1977, when I was sixteen years old; therefore it has been thirty nine years of learning. The past fifteen years has been like the golden years of my life. Pedro Blanco as a human being is one of the persons that have changed my life for the better. 

Day- 30- Tues. 4/10/16- It is 6:32 in the morning and just got through sharing some “ideas” with Imenigi. The idea has been in the making for almost seven years and now the date is set for the 2nd November 2016 in Gangadiwali.

In this case we are building a relationship with the generations to come. Gangadiwali will be a connection between the past and the future.

Day-32- Thurs. 6/10/16- It is 4:58 in the morning and have been thinking about the events that have unfolded in La Buga in the past couple days. The first public lynching of a person in La Buga is now on the records. The records should send a strong message to anyone who violets our human rights and our public safety in La Buga.

On the other hand we were in Gangadiwali yesterday and this morning we came to the conclusion that Gangadiwali is synonymous with peace and tranquility.  La Buga’s Peace and Tranquility was violated by a vicious crime on Tuesday 4th October 2016. The people of La Buga were pushed to their limits and had to take the law into their own hands.  Our peace and tranquility was robbed by two criminals. One of them was caught by the people and they decided to take the law into their own hands by setting one of the criminals on fire.

We were Gangadiwali yesterday to mark an area as a symbol of unity for the future. Our grandson Diño will be celebrating his eleventh birthday tomorrow and his Ichari [farm] is ready.

Day- 33- Fri- 7/10/16- It is 5:43 in the morning and we are thinking about doing something for the first time. This is a thought that was born from a question we would like to ask our readers this morning. When was the last time, you did something for the first time?

In search for the common good, our Garifuna Community in Guatemala has two fundamental challenges intrinsically related. To begin with we are a part of a state that is so weak and fragile. Guatemala from our point of view is at the verge of a civil war. La Buga is vulnerable because we have become contaminated and if something is not done, our grandchildren will pay the price.

“Education is a key”, has been a concept that we have been thinking about for quiet sometime and this time we would like to take it to the next level. It is a challenge for us as a Garifuna Community in Guatemala because we have fallen short of the expectations of Our Ancestors.

It is hard to believe that a lynching has taken place on the grounds of La Buga. Our children are walking around with the image of a person being set on fire on their cell phones.

It is 6:18 in the morning and just got through listening to the discourse of President Manuel Santos of Colombia on CNN live. He has been selected for the noble peace prize. In this case, our expectations have been exceed by a wonderful surprise.

Day-37- Tues. 11/10/16- It is 5:58 in the morning and we are getting ready for the day. It has been twelve days since the transition of our Dad in New York and he should be in La Buga at his home today. To make a long story short, we are looking forward to a moment that might have its connection deeply rooted in what will unfold in the future. The moment we are looking forward to is beyond the pain that the present has brought for our family. We were at our family home last night and could see that the future will be bright.

Day-38- Wed. 12/10/16- It is 6:43 in the morning and looking over a message we shared with our readers yesterday that was revealed through these words, “ To make a long story short, we are looking forward to a moment that might have its connection deeply rooted in what will unfold in the future”.

While we were at the family home yesterday we found out that one of our brother can create the image that is being revealed by the words in the message from yesterday.

Our father will make his physical departure sometime today and the images will be a connection with the last moments he had with us from a physical perspective.

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya

Thinking Allowed

Day-10- Mon. 24/10/16- It is 6:02 in the morning and just got through reading 641 words that we shared with our readers a year ago tomorrow. The first paragraph of the message goes like this, “Sun. 25/10/15- It is 5:28 in the morning and A Spiritual Vote is in the making. The Ancestors of Tomorrow are voting at this precise moment. In this case we are speaking of a Spiritual Vote. We The Garifuna People of Guatemala are the Jews of the Caribbean. Therefore the Garifuna People wants the Person who will be the next president of Guatemala to know that we are the Ancestors of Tomorrow and we are voting today.”

The previous paragraph has less than one hundred “words” never the less; it contains the Diaspora of the Garifuna Nation. The Diaspora of the Jew and Israel is like the Diaspora of the Garinagu and Saint Vincent, please bear in mind that we are not saying that they are the same.

We are the Ancestors of Tomorrow because we believe that the journey continues today. We believe that the Diaspora is alive and would like the world to know that we are not alone.

A Spiritual Vote was born from an experience we had a year ago today. In this case, the 24th October 1995 was set aside twenty one years ago with the birth of Malik our first grandson. It was also the 24th October 2015 while watching a video that was taken in Esquipulas, Guatemala sometime in January of the same year. The Catholic Church acknowledgement of Marcos Sanchez Diaz gave birth to A Spiritual Vote.        

The Ancestors of Tomorrow would like the actual President of Guatemala Jimmy Morales to know that between now and the 18th January 2017 will be crucial for his administration. Be that as it may, you and your administration have made your way. Between today and the 18th January 2017 will define the future of your administration for the rest of the way.

We would like to let the world know that, President Jimmy Morales has included the Garifuna People into his administration and that the relationship so far is stable.

Day-11- Tues. 25/10/16- It is 4:57 in the morning and A Spiritual Vote is a year old today and wondering if our President Jimmy Morales is thinking about what he was doing at this exact time a year ago, more likely than not he was thinking about voting for him-self.

We just got through reading a message that caught our attention. It came by way of Thinking Allowed hosted by Jeffrey Mishlove, PH.D. Here are some of the exact “words,” 

“There are ways in which we can begin to be Self-Conscious about our communication and know that our communication is direct and clear, so that we can begin to undo misunderstandings.”

From our point of view Thinking Allowed is also a way to self- consciousness and would like for our readers to understand that is about a Spiritual journey that continues today. It is a Spiritual Diaspora of a People that is being manifested from the different resource of the Garifuna Nation.

One of our richest resource as a Nation is our Spirituality. Garifuna Spirituality has a place in everything and in every way. The way that Guatemala was going a year ago, is not the same today. 

We the Garifuna People are please with the way things are going today.

Since we are Thinking Allowed about what our expectations are from now to a year from today has linked us to a moment like this. The Garifuna People would like our President to know that our Spiritual Vote is active.

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Political Faith, Part II

Day-15- Mon. 19/9/16- It is 6:45 in the morning and coming to terms that yesterday was nine months since the Ancestors of Tomorrow were in Gangadiwali. It was nine months yesterday since we were able to share our story with a brother who happens to be a Jew.  We told him then and today we would like to continue to believe that we are also a chosen People, we the Garifuna Nation are the Jews of the Caribbean.

The number nine also has a spiritual meaning in our Spirituality. What makes sense to us in this case is the number nine. In most cases, it takes a human being nine months before its birth. In our Garifuna culture it takes nine days for the spirit of the dead to move on. If we multiply nine times forty it is three hundred and sixty, which is a complete cycle.

We are looking forward towards tomorrow which is Day- 16 on our calendar; however the day that will make a difference is Day- 17 which will fall on Wednesday 21st September 2016.

Day-16- Tues. 20/9/16- It is 6:12 in the morning and just got through an experience that could set the stage for the retreat we are planning for today in Gangadiwali. The concept of a retreat in Gangadiwali today has been in the making for fifty four years.

But before we leave to Gangadiwali this morning, we would like to give Thanks and Praise in Advance to the Most High along with the Spirits of the Trouble Makers and the Ancestors of Tomorrow for their interventions in our affairs.

In this case, The Thanks In Advance concept is about accepting the outcome.  The outcome of today and tomorrow in many cases is not under our control and therefore it is like taking a leap of faith.
Day-19- Fri- 23/9/16- It is 4:08 in the morning and it has been raining for the most part of the night. In this case, we would like to share with you some of the events that have been unfolding in front of our eyes for the past three days.

A group of us, numbering ten, were in at Gangadiwali for a retreat on the 20th September 2016, in this case everyone agreed that it was a positive experience and would like to continue sharing occasions and experiences like that.

In this case, it was a retreat for us because of the nature of the celebration. To begin with, we were in Gangadiwali to be with the Ancestors of Tomorrow and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers.

The concept of Ancestors of Tomorrow was revealed to us on the 18th December 2015 in Gangadiwali. Since then we have remained consistent with the idea that it is a concept that starts from within.  It is a way of life.  In this case, we know where we came from and we know where we are going.

The concept of Trouble Makers are Spirits [Ancestors] that have lived their lives with examples. Madiba [Nelson Mandela] is an example of a Trouble Maker; Jesus Christ is a very good example of a Trouble Maker. Our example of a Trouble Maker for the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala is Marcos Sanchez Diaz.

On the other hand, yesterday will remain a part of a journey that was revealed by William T. Brigham-The Land of the Quetzal “The Government determined to develop these lands,-which have hitherto been left to the solitude of their forests and the occasional intrusion of the mahogany- cutter- and in 1882 declared Livingston a free port including in its territory a large triangular part of the eastern coast”.

We were in a meeting with the town leaders of La Buga yesterday at the head-quarters of ONEGUA. We told them to keep three dates in mind during the present administration- to begin with 1882, August 31st 2016 and the 22nd September 2016.

It is a journey that has taken one hundred and thirty four years and continues today. The concept that La Buga is a Free Port is like a double edge sword, be that as it may, we would like to world to know that Marcos Sanchez Diaz is still around and he is with us.

Au- Le
Lúbara Huya 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hard Lessons

Day- 3- Wed. 7/9/16- It is 6:17 in the morning and would like to share with you what unfolded in front our eyes yesterday, what caught our attention was the sight of a small water melon about a couple days old in the first nursery in Gangadiwali in forty years.The nursery is a symbol related with the 23rd July 2008 when a group of brother numbering twenty two took a water melon for and offering to the ancestors not far from the same area where the nursery is  located today.

Day-5- Fri. 9/9/16- It is 4:52 in the morning and we are beginning Day- 5 and we need to be in tune for a day like this . To begin with, we have heard through the grape vine that Lucia Arriola and Pedro Barán of the Ministerio Publico [M.P.] have canceled the meeting they scheduled with the Garifuna People in La Buga for today. In this case, we believe that everything happens for a reason, therefore we will make it  our duty to find out what is really going on and we hope  provide the updates as they unfold in front of our eyes.

On the other hand, we were without electricity for about eleven hours yesterday; it has been the longest period since the committee for electricity was created about a month ago.

Speaking about being in tune today reminds us of an experienced we had at the local bank a couple days ago. We have to always be aware that negatives forces will intervene but the common good most always prevail. We have to be aware that there are good seeds but never to forget that there are bad ones too.

Day- 6Sat. 10/9/16- It is 6:13 in the morning and thinking that hard lessons is a part of life. Yesterday was Day- 5 and after a few years of observations, from our point of view, it looks like Day- 5 are often hard lessons related with the calendar that we have been sharing with you for quite some time now. One that calls our attention was the day our Temple was destroyed in Barranco, Belize  a few years ago.

Another Day- 5 that will mark a start from the bottom- up was yesterday. The lesson from yesterday was one of the hardest lessons we have had in the past fifteen years in La Buga therefore it is obvious that it does not happen often. A hard lesson is when you have to accept the truth and then start again.

Now Day-10 is always a day we look forward to because the lesson that one learns on Day-5 give hope beyond human understanding. The Audacity of Hope has allowed us to understand the role of our Brother BiBi [Epifnio Nery]. The role he played in Barrio Nevago in La Buga fifteen years ago.

We were in Luba Awanseruni in Nevago yesterday, but before that we were at the local Jr. High in our community. The experience we had at both places was like a double dose of the hard lessons of life.

The COCODE in Barrio Nevago of La Buga is now inactive because the Garifuna Community in that neighborhood is not participating in the political process. The hard lesson here is that we cannot allow the service of our brother BiBi to go in vain. 

The visit at the local high school yesterday was like being between a hard place and a rock. We are more convince this morning, that the hard lesson we learned with a Garifuna Teacher yesterday at the local Jr. High School was like being at the bottom but in this case, with nowhere else to go, but up.  

Au- le
Lúbara Huya             

Friday, September 2, 2016

Political Faith

Day- 35- Tues. 30/8/16- It is 4:22 in the morning and we can hear the crowing of our rooster in the background. We have not had a feeling like this in a long time. It is a feeling deeply rooted that everything is going to be alright, even though it might not appear like it from the naked eyes. From our point of view, we can feel and see from the eyes of the actual President of the United States. In this case, we would like to share an excerpt from the Audacity of Hope. “- it’s impossible not to feel at some level as if you have been personally repudiated  by the entire community, that you don’t quite  have what it takes, and everywhere you go the word  “loser” is flashing through people’s minds . They’re the sort of feelings that most people haven’t experienced since high school.”

Day-36- Wed. 31/8/16- It is 4:18 in the morning and would like to begin with correcting our mistakes, in this case, referring to the date that the M. P.[Ministerio Publico]  was at the Villa Caribe Hotel in La Buga on Tuesday 23rd 2016, and not on  Tuesday 28th August 2016 because it does not exist and at this moment  would like to correct our mistake by confirming that the date was Tuesday,  August 23rd 2016.

For this to make sense, it has been confirmed yesterday that Brother Rudy Ramirez is now the first Garifuna Governor of Izabal. The Garifuna Nation in Guatemala is honored to be included in a political process of this nature and in a time like this.

 It was a week yesterday since two representatives of Sister Thelma Aldana of Guatemala were in La Buga and plans to return on the 9th September 2016. An agreement was reached between the Judicial System [M.P.] of Guatemala and Garifuna People to meet again on the 9th September 2016.

In this case, we are on our way to Gangadiwali this morning specially to give Thanks and Praise in advance to the Most High and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers for their intervention in our affairs.
Day-37- Thurs. 1/9/16- It is 7:01 in the morning and would like to share with you that we had a Thanks Giving Dinner on Diriwana’s Table yesterday. In this case, it has nothing to do with a turkey.
From our point of view it was about being at the right place and at the right time. Sometimes in life the events that are not planed, are the ones that can take your breath away. We had a buffet set on Diriwana’s Table to honor our Ancestors yesterday. To make a long story short, Brother Fermin is back in La Buga. He was in the U.S. a few days for the graduation of his son as a lawyer.

Being in Gangadiwali yesterday is the manifestation of a vision that started over a century ago and still in the making today. The meal we had on Diriwana’s Table yesterday is a symbol of our Thanks in Advance.

On the other hand, we would like to be realistic about the situation at hand. The political climate for the Garifuna People in Guatemala has taken a leap of faith. It is now a Political Faith in the making; this is when the two forces come together as one. This has nothing to do with religion and has nothing to do with a turkey.

Political Fate is unpredictable; two perfect example of political fate is Jimmy Morales of Guatemala and Donald Trump of the United States. We remember the day when we first saw Jimmy Morales doing his campaign in La Buga, after listening for a few minutes we came to the conclusion that he believes in himself  but in many cases to come, it will not be enough. Sometimes it depends on the belief you have in someone else.

Donald Trump on the other hand is in Mexico to visit the President so they can talk  about the walls that Mexico will pay. Donald Trump is using Political Fate, but it will not be enough. The sad thing with Donald Trump is that he does not believe in no one but himself.

President Jimmy Morales of Guatemala has chosen a Brother to be the first Garifuna Governor in its history. In this case, President Jimmy Morales is building a relationship with the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala.

Political Faith is a concept that is hard to grasp and therefore may take a while for us to understand, be that as it may, we will share with you as the events unfold in front of eyes.

Day-38- Fri- 2/9/2016- It is 4:22 in the morning and was thinking about a phrase that started to have a life of its own nineteen years ago. A life of fate combined with destiny came alive on the 16th August 1997, and just recently began a transformation.  

We have lived a life of fate verses a life of faith for the past nineteen years. It has been a life of trials and tribulations to establish truth. From our point of view, it is how we are learning the difference between Political Fate and Political Faith.  The concept between Political Fate and Political Faith are two different ways of living. We came to this conclusion based on the events that are unfolding in front of eyes.

Destiny combined with Faith has brought us to this point and time. The Garifuna People of Guatemala are now living a life of Political Faith. The next forty eight hours will give us a glimpse into future.

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya     

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Noble Peace Prize

Day- 30- Thurs. 25/8/16- It is 4:42 in the morning and the “words” that caught our attention for the moment is The Noble Peace Prize. We are aware that it is not the first time that we will mention the name Thelma Aldana of Guatemala.

Here is an excerpt from WORD, which we shared with our readers on the 8th February 2016, “Mon. 8/2/16- It is 4:31 in the morning and has been searching for the right “words” to fit the occasion.
You see, just a few days ago, while we were watching a talk show, it was mentioned that Thelma Aldana of Guatemala, can be a possible candidate for The Nobel Peace Prize.

On the other hand, we just to through reading Dr. Martin Luther King’s discourse in Oslo in 1964 when he received the Nobel Peace Prize. Here is what caught our attention, “I have the audacity to believe that people everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education, and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits.”-The Autobiography of Marin Luther King Jr. - By Clayborne Carson.   

Before we continue, we would like to thank The Most High and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers in advance for their intervention in our affairs. We want to thank you for sharing your time with us.
Back to the moment that caught our attention this morning, in this case, we would like to share this moment with you in three parts. The first part took place at the Villa Caribe Hotel in La Buga on Tuesday 28th 2016. The meeting was with the institution that Sister Thelma Aldana of Guatemala is in charge of today. Her representatives were in La Buga last Tuesday speaking of wanting a better and stronger relationship with the Garifuna People of Guatemala. Therefore an agreement was reached for us to organize a structure urgently for the 9th September 2016.

The second part is about today, where do we stand on judicial issues regarding the Garifuna People of Guatemala. In this case, we have spoken in many occasions about the need of a Political Figure for the Garifuna People of Guatemala.

The third part should be about creating a political figure that an institution like the judicial systems of Guatemala will respect. It is vital for us, the Garifuna People of Guatemala to participate in the legal process.

Speaking of a legal process, we hope to be at the seventh COMUDE meeting in a row at the head- quarters of ONEGUA sometime this morning. It should be known that this is the first time in the history of La Buga that something like this has taken place.  In this case, we hope to provide the updates as they unfold in front of our eyes.

Lúbara Huya

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Labor Pain

Day- 18- 13/8/16- It is 6:07 in the morning and it has been twenty four hours since the labor pain began and now we have seventy two hours to go. In the meantime we were playing around with some numbers, for example Day- 21 will fall on the 16th August 2016. The 16th August was a day that was set aside almost nineteen years ago.

Day- 19- Sun. 14/8/16- It is 5:33 in the evening and have decided not to wait another twelve hours before we share what unfolded in front of our eyes yesterday.

From our point of view yesterday was marked by these words, “The concept of the Seeds that was revealed to us on the 21st June 2016, by way of the Spirit of Sister Myrna Mack. We were at the office of AVANSO to receive the Seeds that Sister Myrna Mack was talking about and yesterday it became a fragile plant that is a day old today.

We hope to care and provide everything this plant will need. To be honest with you, we have no idea of how long it will take for her to bear fruits.”

What took place at the head-quarters of Beluba Luba Furendie yesterday sometime between 10:30 and 12:30 has shaped the role Tomas Sanchez will play if there is a future for the project between PNUD, AVANSCO and Beluba Luba Furendie?

I would like the key players to know that Tomas Sanchez have decided to step aside, because I am not sure if I am on the same page with my colleagues. Opportunities like this in particular will allow me to take a better look at the situation from the inside and out.    
On the other hand we believe that Beluba Luba Furendie comes close to the Seeds that Sister Myrna Mack has been revealing to us. Beluba Luba Furendie is a like a nursery. It is a place where we are taking care of the seeds of La Buga.

Day-20- Mon. 15/8/16- It is 3:10 in the morning and just got through reading a message that Brother Obama shared with us through the Audacity of Hope, “According to this view, the Founding Fathers and the original ratifies have told us how to think but are no longer around to tell us what to think. We are on our own, and have only our reason and judgment to rely on.”

If we had stayed in bed a little longer this morning maybe we would have missed the concept of a message like this in a time like this. The labor pain we have been writing about for the past three days as not eased.

The leader of one of the most powerful unions in the country of Guatemala by the name of Joviel Acevedo has said on VEA Canal, a prestigious public channel in Guatemala, that the teachers will continue the strike until President Jimmy Morales signs.

What calls our attention in this case, is that both sides are talking about the important role of the parents. A role that the parents of children in the public schools of Guatemala can play  in the decision making, but as far as we know, neither side has invited us to the round table. We would like both sides to know that we are ready to sit on the same table with them.

We would like the parents of the children in the public schools of Guatemala to have a voice and a vote in the decision making as far as their education is concern. We the Garifuna Parents of the children in the public schools that lives  in our community to get ready to participate in the decision making as far as the education of our children is concern.

In this case, we would like to know, what are the possibilities for us to be invited by Vea Canal to give our side of the story?

We would like the People of Guatemala to know that the future of Guatemala depends on the quality of the education. The future of our Children will be measured by the quality of the education they are receiving now.

Day-21- Tues. 16/8/16- It is 6:18 in the morning and wondering if some-day you and I can look back at this date nineteen years from today. Those of us that is taking life one day at a time and living every moment like if it is the last, may think that it will an eternity.

For example most of our children in Public Schools in La Buga are not in class today, however this has been going on for more than fifteen years that we know of. Are we going to allow for this to happen for another fifteen years?

The concept of Labor Pain is about the painful transition that our country of Guatemala is going through. It is painful to see the future of our country on the brinks of a system that has collapsed and from our point of view we have no choice but to choose common good.

Labor Pain can give birth to Common Good in more ways than what we can ever imagine. We would like to give you our Word that we will share with you as the events unfold in front of our eyes.  


Lúbara Huya  

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Common Good, Part III

Day-5- Sun. 31/7/16- It is 5:03 in the morning and just came across the word “filibuster,” while reading The Audacity of Hope- by Brother Barack Obama. Today is Day-5 on our calendar, on the other calendar; the month of July has five weekends this year, meaning five Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. An event like this can take centuries to unfold; it is definitely a blessing to be here.

It is a blessing to share a moment like this with you, and we hope that the “Words” or Seeds” will find the right soil to germinate. In this case, what called our attention this morning is the concept of Two Words that we have been using for quite some time now, “Common Good.”

It will be twenty years on the 16th August 2016 since we have been using words to share. From our point of view, “to share” with words is not an easy concept to grasp, and could be the main reason why we are still trying today.

Today however; is a day that was set aside for this to unfold. We believe that “Common Good” begins with a strong foundation in Education. The Educational System in Guatemala has failed us in more ways than one. Our children in the public schools of La Buga have not completed a calendar of 180 days of classes in fifteen years. In so many “words” our children have not had a complete year of classes that we know of since 2001.

At the COMUDE meeting that was held at the head-quarters of ONEGUA on Thursday 28th July 2016 we were able to express our disappointment at the system and the teachers who are supporting it.

If a teacher is not in his or her classroom in La Buga by Tuesday August 2nd 2016, the world will know that she has failed our children and she has failed us. Most Teachers in La Buga are taking advantage of the situation by blaming the system. Some teachers are teaching at the private schools and promoting that private education is better. Some Teachers are sending their children to private schools while they are supporting the strike against public education.

We said at the COMUDE meeting in La Buga on July 28th 2016 that “Education” is an integral part of the Common Good.  Education is the nutrition of our future.

Au le

Lúbara Huya    

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Words are Seeds

Day-31- Sun. 17/7/16- It is 4:42 in the morning and getting ready to be in Rio Dulce- Livingston, Guatemala somewhere around the bridge that looks like a monument. The concept of a monument is provoking a sensation that we are looking forward to. Brother Leo has been in La Buga since Friday 15th July 2016. The first time we met Brother Leo was in December 2004 along with Brother Luther and Brother Gaborone. Therefore it has taken eleven years for this to unfold.

Day-32- 18/7/16- It is 7:59 in the morning and words are seeds is in the making. It was the 21st June 2016 since the word seeds was revealed to us by Sister Myrna Elizabeth Mack Chang. Yesterday the 17th July 2016, we received the miracle seeds in our hands in Rio Dulce at a nursery called Frutas Del Mundo, where we met Brother Dwight. It was at the home of another Brother who is now a part of the congress for the department of Izabal Guatemala.

It was at the home of the brother who is now in congress that we began to understand that the seeds Sister Myrna is talking about are our children across borders. The first set of seeds came from his home but we know from the bottom of our hearts that it is a visit we will never forget.

While we were visiting Brother Dwight at his home, which is a unique nursery we came across the sensation that we had spoken about before our departure. The words became a sweet flavor and can transform sour into sweet in the moment of a heartbeat.

When we give somebody our word, it likes giving them a seed. Jesus Christ once told us a story about some seeds he had given to a few farmers; it is interesting that we still have the same choice today.
When we receive a word from somebody, we have the choice to do the same with a seed. The seeds we received in Rio Dulce yesterday are on their way to Gangadiwali and some will make their way to Punta Gorda and soon across borders


Lúbara Huya