Monday, August 16, 2010

Born Again

Many years ago, somebody asked one of the greatest teachers who ever lived, this particular question: “Can a Man be born again”? You see, today is August 16, 2010; it was thirteen years ago today that I asked “HIM” the same question. Before I continue, I would like for you to know that what I am sharing with you, is what I feel to express in this divine moment.

The word “born” caught my attention this morning; therefore I had to take another look at the meaning before I decided to add the word “again”. If you and I put these two words together, born again, something else begins to take place. This has become my favorite concept, “life is a series of relationships”. Everything is intrinsically connected, irrevocably inter-independent, interactive, interwoven into the fabric of all life.

The connection that I am talking about is to give birth again; I am talking about giving birth to the concept that I will speak candidly, so I cannot be mistaken. I will speak openly, so no one will think that I have something to hide. I will speak humbly of myself, because I do not want anyone to think that I am boasting. I will speak softly because I don’t want anyone to think that I am calling for attention. But more importantly, I would like to be a gift to anyone who enters my life, and to everyone whose life I have entered, I will do my best not to enter anyone’s life, when I cannot give.

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