Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Other Side

The “other side” is like a place we have been looking for, and we don’t even realize that we are there. It has been one month and three days since the mine workers were rescued from the bowels of the earth. Today many of us are trying to make things better and don’t even realize that all we have is now.

Today is November 16th 2010; it’s been eight months since I wrote, “Is there such a thing as a Garifuna Reality”? It has been ninety days since I wrote Born Again, sixty days since I wrote Wounded Souls and a month ago since I wrote Áhari. Therefore it makes sense to me, when we say that life can be understood by looking at the past.

The past eight months of this journey has been fascinating and I am humbled first and foremost by the intervention of the Most High in our affairs. Secondly, I am profoundly grateful to the Áhari for sharing with us. I have been able to share with you, messages that somehow have manifested through ways that is hard for me to understand without the context of my spirituality as a Garifuna.

I am inviting you to take a ride with me through a revealing experience as a Garifuna. I am on a path, and have by no means reached my destination. Nor, would it appear, am I even getting close. All that is really different between the me of now and the me of yesterday is that now I have at least found the path. Yet for me that is a great advance. I’ve spent most of life not even knowing where I was going, and then wandering why I wasn’t getting there.

Allow me the opportunity to break this down. I invited the readers of this blog to learn more about the Garifuna Culture and Garifuna Spirituality. I do not claim to the readers that this is the “Truth”. This message is about guiding you to your own innermost wisdom.

The other side is about letting go of the illusions that have kept many cultures trapped for ages. Sometimes we are led believe a culture story that allows us to live these illusions and thus make them real to us. I make real that to which I pay attention; therefore you make real that which you pay attention to.

But before I continue I would like to pay just a little more attention to the idea of illusions, by using one of the most influential of all, “need exist”. Once you need something,[name it] you have begun a relationship with it. Let’s say for example, I need “Love”, I fall head over heels to find love, simply because I have forgotten that I am “love” in the first place.

Lubara Huya.

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