Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Feelings

Wed. June 5, 2013- It is 8:10 in the morning and it has been an hour since my return. I have been in Antigua, Guatemala since Saturday night. At this moment it feels like I am caught between the time I left and my return. I was in that zone when it occurred to me to try and “listen to my heart”. I was trying to listen to my heart beat but realized that it is not a sound that I can hear with the naked ear, for the lock of a better term. I am beginning to understand that the heart can send messages with feeling and vibration.

I am listening to my heart this morning so I can compare the time and moment I was in Trujillo in comparison to the time and moment I was in Antigua. While I was in Trujillo Honduras on the 24th October, 2012 my heart was beating with joy, there was a strong feeling of connection in comparison to what I felt in Antigua for the couple days I was there.  While I was in Trujillo I felt a sense of welcome, it was a very positive energy. On the other hand while I was in Antigua, Guatemala, in the presence of a large group of leaders in America, I became aware of a feeling and vibration that the colonizers are very much alive.

The message my heart would like to share with you is this, As Garinagu, we have to be aware that “colonialism” is not dead and that is why things continue the way they are. The question remains, the question remains…..?

Antigua, Guatemala will be on the headlines around the world because for the most part, it is one of the cities in the world where one of the major events in the political arena will be taking place today. While I was there yesterday, I had the chance to listen to the walls of the place where this event will take place today. The walls of this place in particular were constructed centuries ago; however the voices in the walls are still there.
The voices I heard through the walls that were there, are echoes of the voices of their ancestors. Their language is more powerful than it was centuries ago; however I was proud of a Garifuna Woman, who opened her presentation to the assembly with the words [Buiti Binafi], understood as good morning in our language, in this case, I am not sure if the translators for the event could have done something about it.
On the other hand, I was not the only Garifuna from Guatemala there, however I did not came across a Garifuna from Belize, or Nicaragua. I was hoping to see more brothers and sisters who understand that we have to continue defending our territorial rights as a Nation.

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya

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