Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We Are Our Brother’s Keeper

Wed. 31/12/14 it is 5:19 in the morning and just got back from taking a look at the break of dawn; for the most part it is still dark therefore my choice was to take a look at the sky and what I could see were the clouds passing by. I could count the stars because they were far in between.

We are planning to be in Gangadiwali this morning, we will provide you with updates  as they unfold, in this case Imenigi the youngest of my three sons and I are planning to spend some time together in Gangadiwali. We are thinking about closing a chapter of a journey that will continue. It has been 365 days for the year 2014. Each one of those days has formed us into the person we are today.

The concept we are about to address came by way of a question that caught our attention this morning. First we will address the concept; followed by the question. “We are our brother’s keeper, was born from this question” “What is the underlying philosophy of the Garifuna People.

Before we continue we would like for you to know that we are grateful for a moment like this. We are so grateful for the intervention of the Most High and our Ancestors for questions of this nature. A question like “What is the underlying philosophy of the Garifuna People?

From our point of view we would like to say that it is not an easy question to answer because we believe that it is important to respect the point of view of every Garifuna. In this case, we have mentioned about how the concept of we are our brother’s keeper was born. It is born from a question that was asked on the 18th December 2014 at 4:02 in Gangadiwali. The question is “What is the underlying philosophy of the Garifuna People?”

Since then it has been underneath my pillow; a night has not gone by without thinking about it. We can see a relationship with what it means to be the Ancestors of Tomorrow. In this case we would like to share a message with you from Time Line which was revealed three days ago, that goes like this:

“It was the 18th December 2014, a day that will mark the “time line” for us in Gangadiwali. It was on Diriwana’s table that we began to understand that we are the Ancestors of tomorrow. In this case “we” meaning you and I are the ancestors of tomorrow. It means that every thought, every word, and every action is a part of this time line.”

Tomorrow is the beginning of 2015, we may not know what tomorrow may bring, however today we would like to invite you into the Time Line.

Lúbara Huya


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