Saturday, February 13, 2016

Common Good, Part II

Fri. 12/2/16- It is 5:59 in the morning just go through reading a message we shared with you a couple days ago. “Common Good” was born in a meeting with the administration of the actual mayor of La Buga on the 3rd February 2016.  Today we would like to believe that it has given birth to a philosophy of life.  In the philosophy of Jesus, he would say “do on to others, what you would like for others to do on to you. From our understanding   “Common Good” is a way of life.

Speaking of a way of life this morning, we would like to quote again a message from the past, “I have the audacity to believe that people everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education, and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits.”-The Autobiography of Marin Luther King Jr. - By Clayborne Carson.    

We would like to know if the children of the mayor of La Buga and the children of president of Guatemala are having classes today, because for the most part the children in the public schools of La Buga will not. In the meantime we would like to investigate about the motive or reasons behind the decision of not having classes in the public schools in La Buga today.  Since the beginning of the school year our children have missed four days of classes in less than a month.

We hope to be in a meeting today sometime this morning and would like to provide the actual Mayor of La Buga a copy of this concern.  We would like to ask the mayor in what capacity can his administration intervene on behave of the Parents of these children.

We believe that the “Common Good” begins with a strong foundation in Education.

Au- Le

Lubara Huya

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