Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Spiritual Vote, Part II

Day-11- Sun. 28/2/16- It is 5:59 in the morning and it was a call exactly an hour ago that has our mind going into a zone and hoping all will be well. Thanks in advance have been a concept that we have shared with our readers before. To say Thanks in Advance not knowing what can happen from one minute to the next is like taking a leap of faith.

To say Thanks in Advance to the Most High and The Spirits of the Trouble Makers for their intervention in our affairs is about accepting the outcome. We want to thank you in Advance for being here.

Day 12- Mon. 29/2/16- It is 5:29 in the morning and just got through laughing about one of the most  humorous moments we’ve had in long time. Humorous moments come close to the concept of taking a leap of faith.

Just got through reading A Spiritual Vote which is a message we shared with our readers on the 25th October 2015 and here we are four months and four days later. A day like today should be set aside, because the calendar that many around the world use will not have another February 29th until 2020.

In this case, where the ex president of Guatemala Otto Perez Molina  was four years ago, is the same zone the actual president Jimmy Morales  is in today. The question remains! Who will be in the zone four years from now? Bear in mind that the republic of Guatemala changed three presidents in less than a year.

The Ancestors of Tomorrow voted for the actual President of the republic of Guatemala on Sunday, October 25th 2015 at 5:28 in the morning. In this case, we would like to provide our readers to take another look at the message.

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