Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Labor Pain

Day- 18- 13/8/16- It is 6:07 in the morning and it has been twenty four hours since the labor pain began and now we have seventy two hours to go. In the meantime we were playing around with some numbers, for example Day- 21 will fall on the 16th August 2016. The 16th August was a day that was set aside almost nineteen years ago.

Day- 19- Sun. 14/8/16- It is 5:33 in the evening and have decided not to wait another twelve hours before we share what unfolded in front of our eyes yesterday.

From our point of view yesterday was marked by these words, “The concept of the Seeds that was revealed to us on the 21st June 2016, by way of the Spirit of Sister Myrna Mack. We were at the office of AVANSO to receive the Seeds that Sister Myrna Mack was talking about and yesterday it became a fragile plant that is a day old today.

We hope to care and provide everything this plant will need. To be honest with you, we have no idea of how long it will take for her to bear fruits.”

What took place at the head-quarters of Beluba Luba Furendie yesterday sometime between 10:30 and 12:30 has shaped the role Tomas Sanchez will play if there is a future for the project between PNUD, AVANSCO and Beluba Luba Furendie?

I would like the key players to know that Tomas Sanchez have decided to step aside, because I am not sure if I am on the same page with my colleagues. Opportunities like this in particular will allow me to take a better look at the situation from the inside and out.    
On the other hand we believe that Beluba Luba Furendie comes close to the Seeds that Sister Myrna Mack has been revealing to us. Beluba Luba Furendie is a like a nursery. It is a place where we are taking care of the seeds of La Buga.

Day-20- Mon. 15/8/16- It is 3:10 in the morning and just got through reading a message that Brother Obama shared with us through the Audacity of Hope, “According to this view, the Founding Fathers and the original ratifies have told us how to think but are no longer around to tell us what to think. We are on our own, and have only our reason and judgment to rely on.”

If we had stayed in bed a little longer this morning maybe we would have missed the concept of a message like this in a time like this. The labor pain we have been writing about for the past three days as not eased.

The leader of one of the most powerful unions in the country of Guatemala by the name of Joviel Acevedo has said on VEA Canal, a prestigious public channel in Guatemala, that the teachers will continue the strike until President Jimmy Morales signs.

What calls our attention in this case, is that both sides are talking about the important role of the parents. A role that the parents of children in the public schools of Guatemala can play  in the decision making, but as far as we know, neither side has invited us to the round table. We would like both sides to know that we are ready to sit on the same table with them.

We would like the parents of the children in the public schools of Guatemala to have a voice and a vote in the decision making as far as their education is concern. We the Garifuna Parents of the children in the public schools that lives  in our community to get ready to participate in the decision making as far as the education of our children is concern.

In this case, we would like to know, what are the possibilities for us to be invited by Vea Canal to give our side of the story?

We would like the People of Guatemala to know that the future of Guatemala depends on the quality of the education. The future of our Children will be measured by the quality of the education they are receiving now.

Day-21- Tues. 16/8/16- It is 6:18 in the morning and wondering if some-day you and I can look back at this date nineteen years from today. Those of us that is taking life one day at a time and living every moment like if it is the last, may think that it will an eternity.

For example most of our children in Public Schools in La Buga are not in class today, however this has been going on for more than fifteen years that we know of. Are we going to allow for this to happen for another fifteen years?

The concept of Labor Pain is about the painful transition that our country of Guatemala is going through. It is painful to see the future of our country on the brinks of a system that has collapsed and from our point of view we have no choice but to choose common good.

Labor Pain can give birth to Common Good in more ways than what we can ever imagine. We would like to give you our Word that we will share with you as the events unfold in front of our eyes.  


Lúbara Huya  

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