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Spiritual Eyes Part III

Day-1-Sat. 22/7/17- It is 6:16 in the morning and have been thinking about some of the events that has unfolded in front of our eyes for the past five days, be that has it may, this is the moment we have been waiting for, you see we are planning to share an episode of a dream that began on the 16th August 1997.  It has been a journey which has brought us to this moment and time.
We have managed to document a journey that began in San Diego California in 1997 and we are twenty five days away from a moment in time we have been waiting for. But for this to make sense we need to share with our readers a documentation that we have created together during the past forty days.
From our Spiritual Point of view a transition is taking place and the 16th August 2017, will mark the end and the beginning of a new era of a journey that began almost twenty years ago. It will be twenty years of a personal experience which is now like an open book.  This book is open because there is nothing to hide.
Day-40- Sun. 11/6/17- It is 6:28 in the morning and have been thinking about being a part of this moment and being blessed enough to share with you. Blessed enough to give thanks and praise to the Most High along with the Áharis and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers. Thank you for being here and we are grateful for sharing your time with us.
Brother Miguel has been in La Buga for a couple days, he tried to get in touch with us, but the internet system was failing in Barrio Paris in La Buga and therefore we have not met. On the other hand Brother Sébastien has been instrumental in a process we believe is a mystical moment.
Day-1- Mon. 12/6/17- It is 4:24 in the morning and just got through checking the other calendar and found out that the next Day-40 will fall on a Friday July 21st 2017. Between now and then will be filled with mystical moments like the one we had yesterday. We had two servings of FOOD FOR THOUGHT and just had another because we have been thinking about the article that Brother Sébastien is sharing with us. The Small Antilles and Central America
Another mild stone was our conversation with Brother Rudy Ramirez the first Garifuna Governor in the history of Guatemala. In so many words he is waiting for his turn so he can play his role in the process. We the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala are planning to play a vital role in the official invitation to the ambassador of France in Guatemala to visit La Buga.
Now that we are at this point, we have been thinking, what are the possibilities of it being true, to have the Ambassador of France in La Buga on Day-40- Friday July 21st 2017? 
We have been planning since the 21st February 2017; it was the day that we had placed 103 Mahogany Seeds on Diriwana’s Table in Gangadiwali, not knowing what would transpire. It was from these seeds that we now have the 41 Mahogany Trees that we hope to transplant in Gangadiwali to commemorate the lives of the teenagers that anguished in a fire disaster at Hogar Seguro on the 8th March 2017 in Guatemala City. We would like to do this as a sign of Solidarity with the People of Guatemala.
It will be an honor for us as a Nation in Central America and the Caribbean for the ambassador of France in Guatemala to participate in such event. 
Day-2-13/6/17- It is 6:20 in the morning and just got through publishing an announcement on Facebook. We would like the world to know that we the Garifuna Nation in Central America and the Caribbean are also trying to build a bridge of understanding. We would like the President of Guatemala Jimmy Morales to know, that the Garifuna People of Guatemala are trying to build a bridge of mutual understanding with your administration based on the laws of the Nation. Our understanding is, the Ambassador of France in Guatemala would also like to build a bridge of mutual understanding with the Garifuna People of Guatemala. 
On a local level, Jaime Portelo was not at the Muni of La Buga yesterday. The meeting that was programmed has been re- scheduled for tomorrow and we are still not sure what time it will be. We are planning to visit the Muni today and hopefully start working on a bridge of mutual understanding between the Garifuna People and the actual Administration of Miguel Rax.
Day-4-15/6/17- it is 6:05 in the morning and has been thinking about the events that are unfolding in front of our eyes for the past three days in La Buga. We would like to let the world know that we are praying for German M. Francisco. Our brother is fighting for his life and we would like for his family to know that he is not alone and never will be.
I have known Brother German for the most part of my life but in 1998 Iseri Dínbalu and FOOD FOR THOUGHT joined forces and still continues today. Last week Brother German and I were thinking about finding the first edition that we wrote between, Brother Francisco Caballeros, Brother German and yours truly.
The 19th March 2004 was one of the darkest moments in the history of La Buga due to the fact that we lost Epihanio Nery, who was sitting next to German during an accident on their way to Guatemala City in a Litegua Bus Line.
On the other hand we were at the Muni yesterday and had a chance to sit with Jaime Portela and came to the conclusion that there is disorder in the way things are being handled at the Muni. For some reason  no body at the Muni cannot find the letter that was sent by Sr. Charles-Andre Mencé mayor of Ducos Martinique to the head-quarters of the Muni.
Brother Sébastien, what is the possibility at hand for us to get a copy of the letter, it would be of great help for our credibility during the process. Yesterday we made it very clear that we the Garifuna People of Guatemala are trying to build a bridge of mutual understanding between the present administrations of Miguel Rax.
The agreement that was established yesterday is for Jaime the representative of the Muni to get in contact with Brother Sébastien to coordinate dates for the visit of Sr. Charles-Andre Mencé mayor of Ducos Martinique, Ambassador of France in Guatemala, and we would like for your invitation to be included.
In the meantime we agreed, to share information that is unfolding in regards to the process.
Day-5 Friday 16/6/17- It is now 4:33 in the morning and would like to share with you that we were able to get in touch with German’s daughter [Tati] yesterday and so far things have not gotten worst.  We have been thinking that a time will come for each and everyone to deal with the Challenges of life. Not long ago, Brother Leo from Punta Gorda Belize had shared a message with us that we would like the opportunity to expand on. “The past is now our experience, the present is our responsibility and the future is our Challenge.
Brother German was the first Garifuna ever to represent the Garifuna People in Guatemala under “Ley De Consejos De Desarrollo”. Since then many have gone and come, the previous term was done by Sister Ingrid Gamboa who we believe have set a new standard. In her closing speech at the head-quarters of ONEGUA on the 30th November 2016, she made it clear that she will not accept a second term because the Garifuna People had left her alone to struggle for the common good of our People. In so many words things remain the same way.
It was the next day on the 1st December 2016 that we had our first meeting with Brother Sébastien at the same place and here we are today with some of the “ Challenges” that the future holds for the Garifuna Nation in Central America and Our Brothers and Sisters in the Caribbean.
On the other hand, we have an invitation in our hands at this moment for an important election on the 6th and 7th July 2017. In so many words a delegation of Brothers and Sisters from La Buga, Puerto Barrios, Quirigua, Morales and Los Amates will be arriving the same day that Brother Sébastien is scheduled to be in Guatemala City.
From our Spiritual Point of View, we can see that the challenge really begin from the inside. It begins with the first person, it is true that the physical and the spiritual are two different energies and yet the same. The Garifuna People of Guatemala needs and requires an inside look at the actual situation of our local communities for the upcoming events.
There is an urgent need for us to sit on the same table before the election that should be taking place on the 7th July 2017 at the capital and we would like very much for our brother Sébastien and the Ambassador of France in Guatemala to be our special guest.
Day-6- Sat. 17/6/17- It is now 11:51 in the morning and we have decided that if this document is not in your hands yet, please take a minute of your time to read it and lets us know your opinion. [El Alcalde].
Day-8-Mon.19/6/17- It is now 4:14 in the morning and has decided to visit Áhari in Gangadiwali today it has been over a week since our last visit and feeling optimistic about the journey for today.
Day-9- Tues. 20/6/17- It is now 4:59 in the morning and just got through watching a video on Facebook. This particular video was recorded by Brother Mike, who is the biological brother of our first grandson. It was at Brother Mike’s home that we first met and saw President Jimmy Morales and his brother more or less three years ago in La Buga. 
 Be that as it may, the video is about Brother Tulio’s funeral, the Garifuna Fisherman and Garifuna Drummer who was found dead in his canoe about four days ago on the coast of the Amatique Bay.  It was 4:29 in the morning when we first came across the video but with a peculiar sense of a preconceive notion, that Tulio’s Funeral was a “show.” However when the Garifuna  Sisters started singing and we began to listen to the lyrics and when the words came across a  “ feeling” that we all have in common, it has the power to bring tear to our eyes. From our point of view Simple Emotions, are the emotions that all human beings have in common.
On the other hand we were in Gangadiwali yesterday, and came to the conclusion that optimism is a powerful feeling. We believe that optimism is a powerful energy and it vibrates. The visit with Áhari and our moment on Diriwana’s Table yesterday has brought our relationship with the Ancestors to another level. From our point of view the Ancestor can communicate with us through our Simple Emotions.
An example of a person with Simple Emotions is our Brother Sebastian. We have managed to stay in touch with the Brother since the first 1st June 2017 and there is a good possibility that we can meet in Guatemala City on Friday 7th July 2017.
Therefore what we hope to do for the next fifteen days will speak for itself and we will provide updates as they unfold.
Day-10- 21/6/17-It is now 4:01 in the morning and for the most part we have been thinking about a document that we received from one of the branches of the United Nations in Guatemala and because of the nature, we have decided to share contents with our readers. For this to make sense, it was during a short visit to the head- quarters of ONEGUA in La Buga Guatemala on the 25th May 2017, that brought Brother Roy Cayetano from Dangriga Belize and I together. He wanted to know how the project with the community library was doing and wanted to donate a Garifuna/English dictionary to Beluba Luba Furendie.
The bottom line is we [Beluba Luba Furendie] would like to share our side of the story with the Garifuna Nation of Central America and the World; it is one of the main objectives that we are sharing the following information with you.
And after nine years of serving our community, this year has been the worst for us, we are not sure if we can keep the doors of Beluba Luba Furendie open for the rest of the school year.
Day-7- Thurs. 23/6/16- It is 6:43 in the morning and it has been five days since we joined expectation and attention together. We were in Guatemala City a couple days ago; to be honest with you at this moment we cannot give you an exact date about our last visit to the capital however the trip that took place on the 21st June 2016 will never be forgotten.
To join expectation and attention together brought us to a moment like this, but it does not stop here. It has been six years since a relationship between the Garifuna People of Guatemala and a branch of the United Nation began here in La Buga and still continues today.
In this case, the relationship has taken different forms and routes and now we are trying to create another figure. Beluba Luba Furendie has been playing the role of a committee in our community for more than eight years and continues to struggle to meet some of the needs of the communities in our municipality.
 The role of a committee within the legal system of Guatemala is not enough for us to continue the struggle. It was how Beluba Luba Furendie came in contact with AVANSCO [Asociación para el Avance de las Ciencias Sociales en Guatemala] by way of Brother Ivan Jamett in 2014 and in October 2015 the relationship between Beluba Luba Furendie, PNUD, and AVANSCO became a project.
The past eight months has been a learning process and continues today however the visit to Guatemala on Tuesday 21st June 2016 will not be forgotten for many reasons. From our point of view the meeting between us was like a little light at the end of the tunnel.
Day-9- Sat.  25/6/16- It is 6:55 in the morning and just got through reading A Spiritual Vote which we shared with you on the 25th October 2015.  A month from today which will be the 25th July 2016 is Day 39.  Day 40 is on July 26th 2016 a month from tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be Day-10 and it falls on the 26th June 2016, and for the most part the world will be watching the expansion of the Panamá Chanel. It is a project that has taken nine years with more than 40,000 workers and predictions are being made for the next hundred years. It is our prediction that someday products of the Garifuna Nation will be crossing the Panamá Channel also. 
Tomorrow is Day-10 on our calendar and we hope to share with you as the events unfold.
Day-11- Mon. 27/6/16- It is 6:56 in the morning, and feeling a “sense” that we have not experienced before. It started yesterday on our way to Gangadiwali and has prevailed to this moment.
While we were in Gangadiwali yesterday, the events that unfolded in front of our eyes proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Gangadiwali was chosen for the “redemption “of the Garifuna Nation in the Americas.
What took place on Diriwana’s Table yesterday comes close to what Booker T. Washington was talking about.  The “bucket” that Booker T. was talking about is now in Gangadiwali for the Garifuna Nation in the Americas.
Au- Le
Lúbara Huya
Day-11-Thurs.22/6/17- It is now 5:40 in the morning and has been thinking about some of the events that are unfolding in front of our eyes. At the same time looking at a copy of Up from Slavery by Booker T. Washington, the book was donated to us by sister from the United States.
The first time we heard of Booker T. Washington was on July 3rd 1992 and today we have a copy of the open speech by Brother Francisco in Los Angles in our hands and have manage to share it with our readers before.
“A “ship” lost at sea for many days suddenly sighted a friendly vessel.” From our Spiritual Point of View it looks very much like the situation at hand among the Garifuna Nation in the Americas.
Here is quote from the speech almost twenty five years ago, “We must not forget the words of the father of African American Capitalism, Booker T Washington, when he challenged his people in 1895 to cast your buckets down where you are. Mr. Washington meant to encourage black people to engage our own resources in economic development activities.” 
The “Ship” is about to make an emergency landing in Gangadiwali Labuga sometime soon and the Bucket[Rida] is on Diriwana’s Table. When it comes down to the “friendly vessel” in sight, it will not be for the naked eyes to see.
Day-12- Fri. 23/6/17- It is now 5:33 in the morning and has been thinking about what unfolded in front of eyes at the town board meeting[COMUDE] yesterday on the second floor of the Muni. Jamie Portela, was doing his presentation about job opportunities for teenagers when we got there. Jaime is Brother Sebastian’s contact for the Muni in La Buga.  There was great concern by the assembly and it was manifested by the deputy mayor of La Buga. The vice mayor criticized his ability for not doing his job on time.
We took advantage of the time to socialize the document that was lost in the mayor’s office since the 28th March 2017 and to date has not been found. We were able to express our concern to the assembly and recommend that we take special attention to write an official letter of invitation to the mayor of Ducos Martinique and the ambassador of France in Guatemala because of their special interest in visiting La Buga.   
Jaime on the other hand said that he was going to get in touch with Brother Sébastien as soon as possible and gave his word that he will have the invitations ready before our trip to Guatemala city on the 6th July 2017.
Day-14- Sun. 25/6/17- it is now 4:47 and we are getting ready to visit Gangadiwali sometime this morning. The objective behind our visit this morning is to consult with the Áharis about our next proposal.
The following proposal is a direct result of the situation at hand. If there was an office or head-quarters to administer the affairs of the indigenous in La Buga, Guatemala would things be different today?
Day-15- Mon 26/6/17- It is now 5:32 in the morning and just got through sharing some Food for Thought on facebook. The first was one was about Articulo 2.[Ley De Decentralización]. The other was a question about what the Ambassador of the United Todd Robinson had said. In this case, we responded that Freedom of Speech Applies to Everyone. No one on this planet should be exempt from such basic human rights.
On the other hand our visit to Gangadiwali yesterday is the manifestation of the message we are sharing with you as we speak.[write]. When you speak your mind, your mind becomes the enemy of the other minds. The concept that “Mine” is better than “yours”, keeps us divided more than ever before, in this case, I am just speaking my mind. In other words Freedom of Speech.
Day-18- Thurs. 29/6/17- It is now 7:04 in the morning and just got through reading a feedback from Brother Fermin regarding an official document to the Mayor of Livingston  from the Mayor of Ducos Martinique, the document was mailed to the Muni on the  28th March 2017. Brother Fermin was the person who forwarded the mail to us from Brother Sébastien on the 1st June 2017.
In this case we have shared the official response of Jaime Portela the main contact for the Muni with our readers a few days ago and we are hoping to hear from him before the 5thJuly 2017. We have taken the necessary procedures within the margin of the laws so we can have our voices heard.
 On the other hand we were in Gangadiwali yesterday and had the chance to visit with the Áharis and we had one of the most intimate conversations in a long time. The question was raised about why are things the way they are in Gangadiwali today.
From our Spiritual Point of View, nothing is new, the spirituals eyes goes beyond time and space. Gangadiwali was chosen for a time like this; the ship has been at sea for many years and is planning an emergency landing.
Day-19-Fri. 30/6/17- It is now 4:35 in the morning and just got through listening to a short video clip by Dr. Martin Luther King. The messages from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a moment like this are like blessings for many of us. Many of us are becoming aware of our blueprints in life.
To have a deep believe in who you are is one of the blueprints of life that Dr. King is talking about in a time like this. The idea of educating our children to have a deep believe in who they are comes back to our Spirituality as a Nation.
Day-20- Sat. 1/7/17-It is now 6:44 in the morning and just got through reading the article that Brother Sebastian shared with us on June 8th 2017[The small Antilles and Central America]. It caught our attention because the new secretary general for SICA is an ex- president of Guatemala.
Sister Ingrid Gamboa from Guatemala was in Costa Rica having a high profile meeting with SICA, which was created in 1991. On the other hand, Brother Francisco Avila from New York has been sharing about the Garifuna Summit that took place in Los Angeles on the 3-5th July 1992.
Day-21-Sun.2/7/17- It is now 6:12 in the morning and we have been thinking about the day before the 3rd July twenty five years ago today. For those of us that are still here, we can see that this is a manifestation of our blueprint as a Garifuna Nation. From our Spiritual point of view, it’s vital to maintain our Spirituality as a blueprint for the Garifuna Nation.
Day-24-Wed.5/7/17- it is now 4:16 in the morning and it has been raining for the most part of the night. We have been thinking about some of the events that are unfolding in front of our eyes and could well be connected with our past. July 4th 1881 was a day set aside for the opening of a school in Tuskegee. Somehow we have managed to keep a copy of Up from Slavery by Booker T. Washington on the same table we are writing today. We were able to read a few messages from chapter eight, Teaching School in a Stable and a Hen House.
It has taken 136 years for something like this to happen in front of our eyes and at this moment we are hoping that another set of eyes will be reading what we are writing 136 years from now.
On the other hand our attention was caught by an invitation from the office of Brother Baldo Estero who is the supervisor of education in the region of La Buga. A workshop is scheduled this Friday to socialize the result of an investigation regarding the social organization of the Garifuna People.
Due to previous commitments in Guatemala City on the 6th/7th July2017, I will not attended, however I am now convinced than ever before of the  importance of such investigations and its results to the Garifuna Community in Guatemala. What we hope to do for today is to find someone before I leave who has the profile and respect for the process.
We are planning to leave early tomorrow to Guatemala City for an election that is scheduled for Friday 7th July 2017. In the meantime we would like to inform our readers that we were able to coordinate with Brother Erick Hernandez and Sister Diana Martinez on Saturday July 1st 2017 to hopefully get in touch with Brother Sébastien so we can coordinate with him. Somehow we would like to invite him to be our special guest at the elections.
Day-30- Tues. 11/7/17- It is now 2:02 in the morning and to begin with, we would like the opportunity to correct a mistake that we made on the 30th April 2017. It was whenSpiritual Eyes was revealed to us but for some reason we had placed the following date- Day-38- Sun. 30/4/14. In this case, we would like our readers to know that it has been seventy days for us to get to this point and time. From our point of view the next ten days will be crucial on board the ship we have been revealing about, the next ten days will set the standard for the following 25 days and would like for you to know that the 16th August 2017 is a day already set aside.  In this case, after the 21st July 2017 the next day that is already marked is the 16th August 2017.
On the other hand, we have been able to say this many times before; Dangriga is also our home away from home. A childhood friend by the name of King from Dangriga was in La Buga and was able to visit Gangadiwali. Nicolas Lino from Dangriga was in Gangadiwali and together we were able to transplant a mahogany tree to commemorate the life of our friend Adolphus “Ras Merge” Lino.
Finally allow us for the second to share this revelation with you through the eyes of a Garifuna Friend.
 Spiritual Eyes
Day-38-Sun.30/4/17- it is 5:12 in the morning and we have been looking forward to this moment and time, it was a date like this seventy five years ago. The woman that nurtured us [Tomas Sanchez / Lúbara Huya] in her womb was born and she is now seventy five years today. She is My Mary and My Mother at the same time, today we are feeling so blessed as we speak, blessed for being here and now.
For the most part, the world at large is concern about the events that are unfolding in front of our eyes. In this case, some of the events that are unfolding in front of our eyes are not designed for the physical eyes to see.
On the other hand, there is a “Spiritual Eye” that we believe can look into the future of People like Donald Trump, President of the United States, Jimmy Morales, President of Guatemala and Miguel Rax, Mayor of La Buga just to name a few. We have been telling friends around the world, in more than one hundred nations   that we are so blessed as a Garifuna Nation.
We are talking about a “Nation” that knows no boundaries; it has been our Spiritual Eyes that have guided us through some of the roughest storms in America even before the arrival of Columbus.
From our point of view, as a part of the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala we would like to give a public thanks to the actual Ambassador of the United States Todd Robinson for his intervention in our affairs. In this case, it has a direct relationship with the events that are unfolding in Guatemala; therefore we will keep an open eye on the events as they unfold for the next 99 days in La Buga, Guatemala.
The mahogany Tree that was chosen to pay tribute and honor to Dr. King on the 4th April 2017 is looking good and healthy. It was forty nine years after the assassination of Dr. King in 1968 that has brought you [Ambassador Todd Robinson] to La Buga Guatemala exactly two years ago today. He wants you to know that he is keeping an open eye on you. 
Day-40-Tues.2/5/17-It is 6:35 in the morning and was doing a little reading about The Black Star Line on the internet. Brother Leo from Punta Gorda has been instrumental in the events that are unfolding in front of eyes.
Today, Tuesday 2nd May 2017 is Day-40- on our calendar and the next Day-40 will fall on Sunday 11th June 2017, but between now and 21st July 2017; other “words”, the next eighty two days will be like being at sea with no land in sight and limited supplies on board.    
Lately we have been sharing with our readers about the event that unfolded in front of our eyes in the state of California at Loyola University in July 1992. It was then that a group of Garifunas from La Buga, Guatemala got on board a ship that is about to make an emergency landing  in Gangadiwali  sometime around the third week of July 2017.
As we approach twenty five years of wondering around at sea, the time has come for us to make an emergency landing. The piece of art that Brother Leo from Punta Gorda, Belize is working on as we speak is a clear sign for us to find out know who are still on board the ship hopefully when it lands in Gangadiwali, La Buga, Guatemala during the month of July 2017 twenty five years later.   
It is vital for us to inform our readers that we are speaking of a Spiritual Journey that continues today. From our point of view, we are sharing with the readers an interpretation of what the Spiritual Eyes can see.
Lúbara Huya 
Day-3-Mon.24/7/17- It is now 5:57 in the morning and just got through reading the information that we have decided to share with our readers. We would like the world to know that the information we are sharing on the net work is from the eyes of a Garifuna now living in La Buga Guatemala for the past sixteen years.
If you would like to know more about where I came from, where I am today, and where I hope to be? Please take a look at our Blog-garifunareality
 It is vital for the reader to know that this journey is no longer about the first person. The journey can never continue with the concept of “I”.
We the Garifuna Nation is now awake to a reality that together we stand, divided we fall.
Lúbara Huya      

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