Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hard Lessons

Day- 3- Wed. 7/9/16- It is 6:17 in the morning and would like to share with you what unfolded in front our eyes yesterday, what caught our attention was the sight of a small water melon about a couple days old in the first nursery in Gangadiwali in forty years.The nursery is a symbol related with the 23rd July 2008 when a group of brother numbering twenty two took a water melon for and offering to the ancestors not far from the same area where the nursery is  located today.

Day-5- Fri. 9/9/16- It is 4:52 in the morning and we are beginning Day- 5 and we need to be in tune for a day like this . To begin with, we have heard through the grape vine that Lucia Arriola and Pedro Barán of the Ministerio Publico [M.P.] have canceled the meeting they scheduled with the Garifuna People in La Buga for today. In this case, we believe that everything happens for a reason, therefore we will make it  our duty to find out what is really going on and we hope  provide the updates as they unfold in front of our eyes.

On the other hand, we were without electricity for about eleven hours yesterday; it has been the longest period since the committee for electricity was created about a month ago.

Speaking about being in tune today reminds us of an experienced we had at the local bank a couple days ago. We have to always be aware that negatives forces will intervene but the common good most always prevail. We have to be aware that there are good seeds but never to forget that there are bad ones too.

Day- 6Sat. 10/9/16- It is 6:13 in the morning and thinking that hard lessons is a part of life. Yesterday was Day- 5 and after a few years of observations, from our point of view, it looks like Day- 5 are often hard lessons related with the calendar that we have been sharing with you for quite some time now. One that calls our attention was the day our Temple was destroyed in Barranco, Belize  a few years ago.

Another Day- 5 that will mark a start from the bottom- up was yesterday. The lesson from yesterday was one of the hardest lessons we have had in the past fifteen years in La Buga therefore it is obvious that it does not happen often. A hard lesson is when you have to accept the truth and then start again.

Now Day-10 is always a day we look forward to because the lesson that one learns on Day-5 give hope beyond human understanding. The Audacity of Hope has allowed us to understand the role of our Brother BiBi [Epifnio Nery]. The role he played in Barrio Nevago in La Buga fifteen years ago.

We were in Luba Awanseruni in Nevago yesterday, but before that we were at the local Jr. High in our community. The experience we had at both places was like a double dose of the hard lessons of life.

The COCODE in Barrio Nevago of La Buga is now inactive because the Garifuna Community in that neighborhood is not participating in the political process. The hard lesson here is that we cannot allow the service of our brother BiBi to go in vain. 

The visit at the local high school yesterday was like being between a hard place and a rock. We are more convince this morning, that the hard lesson we learned with a Garifuna Teacher yesterday at the local Jr. High School was like being at the bottom but in this case, with nowhere else to go, but up.  

Au- le
Lúbara Huya             

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