Sunday, December 23, 2018


Day-33-Sun.-16/12/18- It is now 5:52 in the morning and has been thinking about some of the events that has unfolded in front of our eyes during the past twenty hours. We just got through reading an update from the honorary consul of Guatemala in Martinique. Brother Sébastien mentioned that he was able to sit on the same “table” with the prime minister of St Lucia.

From our Spiritual point of view, today is Day-33 on our calendar and Day- 40 will fall on Sunday, the 23rd December 2018. Between now and then, we hope to put together the first episode of Chapter X111.

Day-40-Sun.23/12/18-It is now 5:21 in the morning and has thinking about some of the events that has been unfolding in front of our eyes lately. The past seven days has been some of the most mysterious days of what we believe Chapter X111 will be about. Today is the 23rd December 2018 and it is Day-40 on our calendar and so far we have manage to document fifteen pages since the 4th October 2018 and now exceeding 6,153 words.

“Words” can compromise a person, or a group based on what the person or group is saying, from our point of view, it becomes more interesting when the “words” that are being revealed to us, has a source we believe is Spiritual. It will be ten years on the 21st February 2019 since we started blogging about Garifuna Spirituality from the “eyes” of a Garifuna who has been residing in Labuga Livingston Guatemala for the past seventeen years.

Here we are today, but before we continue, first and foremost we want to give thanks and praise to the universe for its intervention in our affairs. We want to thank each and every one that has managed to be here at this point and time. In this case, the seed, the soil and the farmers are coming together for the cultivation of unity.

The Garifuna Nation in Guatemala is cultivating the Spirit of unity for the Christmas Holiday 2018 and we would like for you to know that it will be at your door steps waiting for you on Christmas Day.

Lúbara Huya                          

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