Friday, February 15, 2019

Universities Without Walls

Day-9-Sun.10/02/19-It is now 2:11 in the morning and we have been contemplating for the past three days about how we would like to participate in one of the events that is around the corner. There will be a very important meeting in department of Zacapa on Thursday, 14th February 2019. We would like our readers and the world to know that we are applying the necessary mechanisms to participate in the upcoming event in Zacapa. In this case, we are asking the different institutions of the actual government for thier financial support to cover the expenses for one person from Labuga Livingston to Zacapa and back to Livingston if possible.

 An election in Labuga Livingston Guatemala was held to elect two representatives of the Garifuna Nation in relation to one of the most influential positions in the present government of Guatemala for social development on the 16th November 2018, we were able to manifest at the time our worries about the lack of financial support from the actual government of Guatemala to the Garifuna Nation, we have made it known in many meetings before that “Our Good Will” is not enough. In this case Our Good Will could be the motor; however, it is vital for the actual administration of this government to understand that the motor won’t run if there is no fuel.

Day-12-Wed. 13/02/19- It is now 5:43 in the morning and have been thinking about some of the events that are unfolding in front of our eyes for the past three days and came to the conclusion that there is a lot of sense in the following philosophy “University without Walls.” In commemoration of Black History Month, we the Garifuna Nation and Garifuna Farmers of Gangadiwali in Guatemala are extremely grateful to brothers and sisters who have gone beyond their call of duty for making real the concept of a University without Walls. The work that our brothers and sisters are doing today is breaking down the walls that Trump is trying to build.

Day-14-Fr.15/02/19- It is now 5:52 in the morning and has been thinking about some the events that unfolded in front of our eyes during the past couple days. It was Wednesday 13th February 2019 sometime after three in the evening when a call from the Big Apple from Brother Martin Bermudez Castillo, it was a call that we should never forget. In this case, we had informed the head-quarters in Zacapa Guatemala that it was out of our hands and would like them to excuse our absence for the meeting that was scheduled for the next day due to the lack of economic support from the actual administration of the republic of Guatemala.

Thursday 14th February 2019 will remain as one of the dates that the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the Áharis [Spirits of our Ancestors] are always with us, there is no doubt in our minds that the Áharis have never failed us, let it be known that we have been the ones who have failed them. The events that unfolded in front of our eyes yesterday in Zacapa are out of our hands and now are in the hands of the Áharis. In this case we hope to provide updates from the head-quarters of Zacapa as soon as they unfold.

 On the other hand, the concept of a University without walls might be a message from the Áharis to the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala. One of the main points on the agenda in Zacapa yesterday was that, for the year 2019 there is no money for constructions as far as higher learning is concern. The present government is not interested in building universities and now has the law in his favor. In this case, we would like to inform our readers and the world that about three years ago, two point five million quetzals [Q 2, 5000.000] was approved for the construction of a building for higher learning in the urban area of Labuga Livingston Guatemala.

We have been thinking that the concept of building universities without walls for the moment is an “exceptional idea”. The present generation of the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala is now in the eyes of the world. The world is watching Guatemala and some of the eyes are on the Garifuna Nation.

Au- Le
Lúbara Huya        

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