Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Mark Of the Future

Day-27-Sun.11/8/19- it is now 3:37 in the morning and thinking about some of the events that unfolded in front of our eyes yesterday. We went as far as publishing a message on Facebook yesterday that we believe some of our readers and the world can relate to. There are memories that can mark the life of a person forever; in this case we came across a book that we first read eleven years ago. On a personal note, Dreams from My Father by Barrack Obama; is a book that has profoundly marked my life forever. The same book I am talking about was in New York from April 2009 to October 9th2009 in the hands of my biological father Mr. Pedro Blanco. In this case I have not opened this particular book since, until yesterday because we are still in the process of moving to Temple Lúbara Huya which is my family home[Waba].

Today is Election Day in Guatemala and there is no doubt that our lives will be marked. Marked in more ways than one, for the most people will be taking photos of their index finger to show their mark. On the other hand we are planning to be in Gangadiwali Labuga Livingston on Table Zero to vote for the third time and this time around we would like to Mark the Future
Day-29-Tues.13/8/19-It is now 12:04 in the morning and has been thinking about some of the events that are unfolding in front of our eyes; the world is keeping a close eye on Guatemala. From our point of view the future of the Garifuna People in Guatemala now has a mark. The message behind Mark Of the Future may not make sense to our readers and the world at this moment, however we would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to be a part of a journey we believe has been marked for a time like this. The Garifuna Nation in Guatemala would like to congratulate our future President. The Garifuna People would like to thank you Mr. President for considering Labuga Livingston and the Garifuna People of Guatemala in your campaign. In this case, we are marking the beginning of a relationship that will start another phase on January 14th 2020- January 2024.

On the other hand we also believe that the relationship between the different Garifuna organizations in Guatemala is weak and fragile and it is vital that we put the cards on the table for the Garifuna People of Guatemala to know what is going on. The local people of Labuga Livingston Guatemala have heard that a Garifuna Festival is being organized for the coming week. It is being organized between ONEGUA, INGUAT, and FUNDAECO. In this case, we the people of Labuga Livingston would like the organizers of the event to please put the “cards on the Table.”

Au Le
Lúbara Huya    


Ismael said...

I congratulate you for expressing the reality of La Buga! Go ahead with the Gangadiwali project, it is something that your culture is expressing and it is a seed that you are planting so that it will bear solid or true fruits so that your culture leaves traces and is never forgotten

Anonymous said...

Blacks are being exterminated worldwide and the only question is what are we going to do about it?

Jasmine Bivar-Smith said...


I would love to talk to you, I am visiting in Livingston to get a deeper understanding of the language. Please email me.

California2011 said...

Hello Mr. Sanchez,

Can you please reach out to me? Send me a message because I would love to meet you when I go to Belize. Do you know Philip Flores who lives in Livingston? Do you have WhatsApp?