Monday, April 19, 2010

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

As a Garifuna I can see a Light at the end of Tunnel. Today is April 6th 2010, and Labuga became the light I have been searching for. The word “light” is a relative term also, it may mean something else to you, and on the other hand, the context in which I hope to use it, is very simple.

It is about understanding the difference between doing and being.

It’s about what I am doing or being in Labuga. But before I continue let me tell you that it has taken me quite some time before I became aware of the difference between doing and being. To begin with, when you are doing something, it is like the function of the body, “doing” is a natural tendency for the body, and it is always doing something. The moment it stop doing what it does to keep you alive, your physical life comes to an end. However, when you are “being”, that is the function of the soul. The soul is forever “being” it is being what it is being, regardless of what the body is doing; it is at this point that you define who you are, because the quality of life hangs in the balance.

Please allow me the opportunity to break it down, it has been nine years two months and seventeen days since I was deported from the United Sates, but for the past two months, I have been a part of some of the most intriguing events that have occurred here in Labuga in the past two hundred and eight years.

You see, I am talking about something a Garifuna from Labuga has not done before. To begin with, I would like you to you to know that I am not alone in this, for the most part you are playing a role in the process and I am just the instrument for it to take place, this information has come through me for it to be here for generations to come.

It will be a way of communicating with individuals that are in the process of searching. I am using the concept of light, because I am in the process of searching, and choosing a state of being.

I am looking for a relationship with self and my friendship with God. Something happened to me this morning just seconds before I declared my friendship with God. It is a subtle reaction about what people are going to think about such a statement of this nature, and suddenly I realize that God also has a sense of humor. While I was on the toilet here at home it occurred to me to write about my friendship with God. Trust me, it feels better than sitting in church begging him for peace on earth.
When one becomes aware of a state of being, you don’t need to be sitting in a church, begging God for peace on earth, choosing a state of being goes beyond the boundaries of any church or religion.

While one is going through the process of searching for self and a friendship with God, for the most part it feels like a “revolution”. You, sooner or later will have to take a stand.

Allow me to address the word, revolution. I am talking about a change that starts within, you begin to question yourself about the circumstance and situations in relationship to the person you like to become.

Therefore if you want peace on earth, you can not entertain the concept of hate. You have to choose, and your choice will manifest itself through your actions. Peace is an action, love is an action and so is hate. Put any of these words into action and even a child can tell the difference, therefore sooner or later you will have to take a stand.

Lubara Huya

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Joe said...

Hi Tomas,

I love your posts... they are insightful. Its helping me learn about my Garifuna heritage (I'm half Garifuna by way of my mother, my father is Creole) both my parents are from Belize. I've undergone a lot of "spiritual transformations" in the past 5 years and I feel like all of it came to a point during my most recent hospitilization.. Keep on writing nibari (is that right? I'm just trying to say my brother). I'm reading!

Peace, Love and Light,