Monday, May 10, 2010

God is also a mother

Where and when does my life begin? What about yours? A popular answer would be, in the “womb of my mother”. The connection between a mother and her child begins with the intervention of the Most High.

I'm trying to illustrate the importance of the word connection, the vital relationship that the woman has in our lives, because for some reason man has tried so long to oppress the woman whether by religion, education, politics or sex. However; in this case I am doing “otherwise”.

I still strongly believe today that the backbone of our nation is the women. The women in our culture have been the soul of our existence. The vital role that the women in our culture play can be traced to the 1200s. The “Garifuna women” have managed to persevere eight centuries of struggle for who and what we are today in society.

We should never fail and forget that the paramount leader and chief Joseph Chatoyer (Satuyé) came from the womb of a Garifuna woman, so does many of us that are still in the struggle today.

I call upon our ancestors to inspire us with the knowledge to be open minded. I humble myself to the Garifuna women of the past and present. What I am about to share with the reader, can be and should be relative, for the fact that each and every Garifuna woman is an individual, starting with the woman who gave me birth.
I am not trying to be a devil’s advocate, nor am I trying to be an authority figure on the subject matter. God has a plan for each and every woman that had ever walked this planet. However, so much depends on the relationship she has with her God. Many different covenants were sealed between God and Women in various versions of the Holy Books.

Today is Mother’s Day for the year 2010, and this is dedicated to any mother who is searching for a deeper relationship with who she is.

Lubara Huya.

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