Thursday, July 1, 2010

What's going ON?

The Garífuna communities and conditions we are in, is the “Reflection” of the total, combined consciousness of everyone living in it. Allow me to take a deep breath before I continue, because for the most part, I am about to address some of the issues that are affecting many different cultures all over the globe today. As I can see by looking around me, much work is left to be done, unless of course, I am satisfied with what is going on.

I am about to share with you, a closer look at what is going on here in Labuga. It is three years today, June 30th 2010 since I first visited the Garífuna Temple; it was in the final stage of completion. A year later, I was invited by Fermin Arzu to go and visit Gangadiwali, which is about twenty minutes into the dense forest behind the Garífuna Temple. Gangadiwali is a private piece of land, which is over two hectares in size, and has been a part of the Garífuna community for over a century.

My relationship with Gangadiwali started sometime when I was six years old in 1967, therefore when I came back, on the 30th June 2008, forty years had went by. I remember an intense feeling of euphoria while I stood on top of one of the hills just across the one where we have an attention center today. It is accepted fact among us that for many years Gangadiwali was influential in the life of the community because for the most part a large percentage of the food source was farmed there.

You see, I think that it is important for us to show, the link or marriage between the Temple and Gangadiwali. One of the main objectives, of the Garífuna Temple that caught my attention is Garífuna Empowerment. Empowerment is the ability to lift the Human Spirit toward the direction of communion and unity. On the other hand, Gangadiwali is like A mother for the Garífuna Community, it has been a powerful source in lives of many Garinagu of the past and present.

Au- Le
Lubara Huya

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