Saturday, July 31, 2010


I would like you to know that a couple days ago; Diana Martinez invited me as her guest to the commemoration of the third encounter of the Afro-Latina Women here in Labuga on Sunday, July 26 2010. I went there not expecting much, but my expectations were exceed by the way I was greeted at the entrance of the event. To begin with, I could sense a feeling of wonder. A wonder of why I was in an event exclusively for Garífuna Women. My attention was drawn by a panel of four Garífuna women who were facing an audience of more less a hundred women and only three men.

The first panelist addressed issues related with the education of the Garífuna children within the national curriculum. The second centered her attention on health issues in the Garífuna community. The third panelist spoke about the issues related with Garífuna youth, followed by the fourth, who spoke about herbal medicine.

Ingrid Gamboa’s presentation on health issues in the Garífuna community took my understanding to a new level, which I hope to share with you. I was able to see through the eyes of a Garífuna woman who has been working in the health field here in Labuga for over thirty years. She took me on a trip to look at my physical condition and explained why we as Garinagu are living shorter lives in comparison to our elders who had a relationship with our ancestral traditions.

A relationship with our ancestral traditions may sound like a poetic phrase but allow me to break it down. You see, life is a series of relationships. There is a relationship with the body, mind and soul, and there is also a relationship with the outside world. It is through these relationships that we are connected to whatever is going on.

A connection to our ancestral traditions can be a very important link to our way of life in the twenty first century. Our ancestral traditions can make us “PRODUCERS” instead of consumers. If a woman, man, family or community can produce what they consume, there will be opportunities for a better and longer life. It is a relationship between wonder and full=WONDERFUL.

Lubara Huya

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Michelle Forbes de Gomez said...

This is exciting news about the Garifuna Day recognition! It's so wonderful -- even though it's been a long time coming -- to see that the Garifunas are being acknowledged in their own country. From here, only the best things can happen to the Garifuna community as more and more people know about its existence. Great writing, as usual! ~Michelle de Gomez~