Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Freedom Award

It’s been a month since Belüba Lüba Fürendeí opened its doors to the community in Barrio Paris in Labuga. Belüba Lüba Fürendeí is a library and community center for children. We are a non-profit, non-religious and impartial committee that provides activities and programs for the youth of Labuga. We pride ourselves on being financially self-sufficient by developing our own fundraising strategies. Our aim is to foster the community in which we live.

I first met Ivan Jamett on a Sunday morning on the 24th April 2008; I was introduced to him by Sara Martinez. The objective of the meeting was to organize the community and create a community library and center for children. However, Ivan had been working with the children in Barrio Barrique six months before, where the name Belüba Lüba Fürendeí ('enter the home of knowledge') was born from the soul of the children in their Barrio.

I have been active with this project for over two years and I have seen with my bare eyes the joy that this project has brought into the lives of many children in our community. I am convinced that you can tell a tree by the fruits it bears.

Ivan committed himself to this project day and night, without any conditions, and I have seen volunteers from differents parts of the world, mainly Spain and here in Labuga, join his efforts.  This particular effort has given birth to “Twins”. We now have two entities working to fullfill the objective of our goals which is to foster the children in our communities.

We have also decided to give “Tribute” and “Honor” to individuals that have gone beyond the call of duty.  We have created the “Freedom Award” as a standard. This year’s award is earned by Ivan Jamett for his dedication.

Au- le
Lubara Huya. 

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