Thursday, December 16, 2010

Image Control

Food for Thought

Identity and Self image is vital to our human development, we can make a big difference if we can feed the “right Image”. Today is December 16, 2010; therefore it is almost a month since I wrote “Image Control” on the 19th November 2010. The same day I also improvised on a statement that Dick Gregory made forty seven years ago, about the Garinagu not having been able to control our Image.

Now that we are here, it is vital for us to take control of our image. The obvious question is, “What Image?” The obvious answer will be, “depends on the image we will feed!!”  Self image is fundamental for this process.

I am inviting you to take a ride with me through a revealing experience as a Garifuna. I am on a path, and have by no means reached my destination. Nor, would it appear, am I even getting close. All that is really different between the ‘me’ of now and the ‘me’ of yesterday is that now I have at least found the path. Yet for me that is a great advance. I’ve spent most of life not even knowing where I was going, and then wandering why I wasn't getting there.

“Depends on the Image we will feed” caught my attention.  Based on the observations I have made over the past eight years, my observation indicates a high level of malnutrition in our community in Labuga. I happen to think, remember now, we are talking about the type of image we would like to feed. To make it easy, I am not talking to you about the type of food we digest in the stomach. I am sharing with you about the food we digest in the mind, soul and spirit.

For information’s sake, it was how Food for Thought was born in 1996.  Food for Thought was born out a prayer. Food for Thought is an instrument in my life; it is how you and I are on the same wave length.

This can happen with any person on the planet, therefore I am saying it can happen to you, however; it can go beyond the individual, it can happen to “a group”. Group consciousness is something that is not widely understood- yet it is extremely powerful and can, if you are careful, often overcome individual consciousness.
Food For Thought.
Lubara Huya.

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