Saturday, February 5, 2011

Education is a gift

To ask the least, how can we [“Garinagu”] be certain about a way of “Education” that has its origin deeply rooted inside the psychic of the colonizers? This is a question I have been probing for quite some time now. On August 16, 2007 I first brought this to the attention of a few Garínagu who have had the privilege to earn or receive a formal education in Guatemala.

Since then I have been waiting for the moment to say this: If - there is a subject matter that divides the Garifuna community in Labuga, it would be education. There are strong indicators that point to the fact that colonial influence prevails in the way we are educated to this day. They are still using formal education to divide and conquer. To have an education in Labuga can be a double-edged sword, because many are convinced that the Garifuna with a “pencil” {education} likes to take advantage of the ones who does not have a pencil.  

Personally I would rather call that type of education “artificial intelligence”; it is like a beautiful body but without a soul. Just like a beautiful body, it can be cultivated and you can give it the shape you want, however if this body is not connected with a soul, it is something I call artificial an artificial body. 

Artificial intelligence is when you teach people subjects and not concepts. When you teach a subject it is like shaping the body, on the other when you teach concepts, you are empowering the people.

I have learned over the years that if you teach concepts, like Awareness, Honesty and Responsibility you then begin to see education as a gift.

Au le,
Lubara Huya.   

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