Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Reaction

How are you going to react to a statement like this: Remember that every act is an act of self-definition, every word is a declaration of what is true for you (Walsch 2000: 119).

The words that caught my attention from a list of thirty two words written in the paragraph above are: “react and remember”. Here is a thought that a very dear friend shared with me more or less a week ago: “I thought you might be curious to read one of the texts that had been written a few years ago about the Garínagu in Labuga. I'll be discussing a part of Professor Kahn's work (Kahn 2003) in my dissertation but I am interested in your reaction to what she said about Q'eqchi-Garífuna relations.”

Here is an excerpt from the first article on my blog, written exactly a year ago: “It’s a Saturday morning on the 20th February 2010 and I am literally having some flashbacks, you see, it’s been nineteen years since my release from prison. I “remember” asking myself this same question nineteen years ago, “what I am going to do now”.

Little did I know that I would have the opportunity to “react” to a “conjecture” of this nature, I have been living in Labuga for the past ten years and the Q’eqchi-Garífuna relations has not change much since 1996, and won’t be surprised if it has not change much since 1896. During the civil war which lasted thirty six years, Livingston was chosen as a safety zone, because they say that the Garinagu are peaceful people.  Garínagu are peaceful people would be my choice for another “conjecture”.

On a personal level, I would like to treat anyone regardless of their religion, sex or culture, from a horizontal perspective. Under these conditions, it would be fair to ask, that I should be treated equally, please “remember” that.

Lubara Huya.

Kahn, Hilary (2003). Traversing the Q’eqchi’ Imaginary: The Conjecture of Crime in Livingston, Guatemala. In P.C. Parnell & S.C. Kane (Eds.) Crime’s Power: Anthropologists and the Ethnography of Crime. (pp 33-54) New York. Palgrave MacMillan

Walsch, N. D. (2000). Communion with God. New York: Putnam's Sons

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