Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Mystics of Gotay's Place

The word 'mystic' came to mind because of what unfolded at Mariano Gotay’s place yesterday, also known as "Gotay's Place". It started with a contact from California, we ran into each other again a few days ago and she told me that she will bring a small group of Garifuna youths from Honduras to Labuga.

Yesterday, she let me know that the group was ready to arrive in Labuga and to meet with Mariano and me.   I had no clue that Mariano Gotay was back on his feet, because more or less a month ago Gotay's Place was literally blown away by a tornado .

The Garifuna youth group (the group of twelve youths from Honduras) and I were on the second floor of a place I would call 'mystical'. We sat around a few tables that we joined together and before we had something that Mariano himself has prepared for us, I spoke to them about the meaning of 'service' and what it means to serve one's community.

From the concept of 'service' I was able to develop 'subjects' like education, tourism, agriculture and Garifuna Spirituality, though I tried to impress them about what we are doing in the field of education, tourism and agriculture. I decided that Mariano Gotay could handle the field of Garifuna Spirituality and how it affects the Garifuna youth of today.

I would like to make a long story short.  My experience at Gotay's Place was an eye-opener; definitely a unique experience.  It was an experience because it invites you to be who you are.  The surroundings were spectacular and leaves you in deep meditation. The 'service' was mystical.

To be continued...
Au Le
Lubara Huya   

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Joe said...

I've stepped into my Power as a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner recently... part of that practice is being of Service to my community. Not quite sure yet how that ties into my Garifuna identity (I'm half Belize Creole and half Garifuna). what dismays me about the "Garifuna Spirituality" I have encountered here in Los Angeles is that 'requirement' that I speak Garifuna in order to immerse myself completely. I've been told that one cannot be a Buyei if one does not speak Garifuna - yet I feel called to just such a vocation. Anyways, I just needed to share these words with you. Thank you for reading.

Infinite Light, Thunderous Sound, and Endless Wisdom,
Meridith Joseph Garbutt