Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why am I here today?

It is of great injustice not to highlight this problem.  All of the community of not just Livingston, but everywhere should be very upset at the inferior education which our youth are made to receive.  And let us not forget the accepting of the present day education system by altering of records, and the media to show that our government is doing a fine job. The only people doing a fine job of passing on education are people like yourself, Tomas Sanchez. You are but one example of people who are very proactive.  You and others like yourself are not in it for glory, but to be forever diligent of the needs of our community and to act on those necessities. -- Correspondence addressed to Tomas Sanchez -- 

Today is May 3, 2011, the day after Bin Laden was supposedly assassinated.  The person who wrote the above paragraph about me was here at Belüba Lüba Fürendie yesterday; however; I had totally forgotten that he had responded to a letter I had written to him in late January of this year. This morning while I was searching for a file, suddenly, for some unknown reason I came across the excerpt, which you have just read above.  It is from a friend who wrote it sometime around the beginning of this year.

It makes me wonder, to the point that I had to ask myself, who the hell is this guy talking about? I was thinking, what if you and I were asked the million dollar question: Why am I here today? Why are you here today?

Although Bin Laden cannot answer the question anymore, you and I still can. I do believe that each and every one of us is here today to continue the search, but to what search I am referring?  In this case allow me the opportunity to take the first step. Ten years ago, to be exact, September 11, 2001, the world stood still and mourned the loss of so many innocent lives. Since yesterday, many around the world are still wondering if Bin Laden is still with us today or not.

Whether if he is or not, it does not matter to me anymore, what really matters is that you and I are here to take a good look at the person that is within you or that is within me. Today is about what you are being and what am I being.

Lubara Huya

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