Friday, November 25, 2011

Standing on the Edge of Time

What do dreams and stars have in common? Sometimes it does not matter how far they are, we still do our best to reach them.  I happen to think that the Garínagu are standing on the edge of time and could take a leap towards our dreams.

I was in Quriguá yesterday, an archeological Mayan site more or less an hour and a half from Puerto Barrios, Izabal. My grandmother, who is ninety years old, once lived in Quriguá.  She lived in one of many banana plantations in that area when she was in her early twenties. The connection I felt with Quriguá was subtle; however it was obvious that within the Mayan vision of the world the accuracy of their cyclic concept of the time manifested in their various calendar systems still surprises even contemporary scholars of today.

Today is November 25, 2011, a day away from Garífuna National Day in Guatemala. Tomorrow is an important day for the Garinagu in Guatemala according to the calendar that we are now using.  The Mayan calendar however, speaks about the beginning of a new age for the year 2012, paying attention to the basics of the Mayan philosophy and thoughts, cyclic time changes should not be interpreted as the end, instead, as an opportunity for a positive renovation.

Standing on the edge of time might sound poetic in times like these; if you stand on the edge of time you can see that it is never too late to start over again. If you search, you will understand that there is no such thing as coincidence. Nothing occurs at random. Life is not a product of chance.

Au- Le
Lubara Huya

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