Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Open Eyes

Part I

I am in a position to open my eyes.

However, it should be known in advance that it has taken me more than half a century before they became open.  The eye I am speaking about is the eye of my mind.  The eye of my mind is about how I see myself dealing with my Spirituality as a Garífuna.  Before I continue, I would like to reach an agreement with you; in this case I am sharing something personal. It is my personal journey on my way through this energy we call life.

I am back from Guatemala City, today is December 4th 2012 and it feels nice to be home. I have been calling Labuga, (Livingston) my home for the past decade. I call Labuga my home because it is a part of my identity as a Garífuna living in Guatemala.

I am a part of the group of Garífuna representatives from the different organizations who were in Guatemala City for a seminar regarding the official reports of the United Nations in relation to the plans of action regarding Durban. For the most part   I am not a fan of the word “leader”. The word “representative”, in my opinion fills the void.  I would rather use the term “Garífuna representative” than “Garífuna leader”. In this case each and every one of us can be a “representative” of the Garífuna Nation.    

I have developed a habit over the years to replay historic events like yesterday over and over in my mind.  It allows me to look profoundly into the situation form the eyes of my mind.  In one of my recent articles I spoke about the sermon that Father Larry Nicasio gave in Dangriga, Belize on the 19th November 2012 about the “blind man” who wanted to see.

I am in a position to open my eyes, what I am about to see; will be observed with an open mind.

To be continued…
Lubara Húya   

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