Friday, December 20, 2013

The Passing of an Icon

I was wondering and by the way it would be nice if someone can verify if Don Beto Mejia from Labuga was born before Madiba [Nelson Mandela]. Don Beto Mejia made his passing on Tuesday 17th 2013. At the moment I have no concrete information about his funeral arrangements.

It has been thirteen days since I have been mourning and celebrating the life of Madiba; in this case I will continue mourning and celebrating, because this “time” it is one of our own. He was around during the leadership of Madiba, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and J.F. Kennedy.  Don Beto is on his way, and I would like to be with him for the next forty days.

The passing of an Icon from my point of view is a time to mourn and a time to celebrate. I first met Don Beto in 1976 at the time he had his home in Barrio Barrique. I use visit at least three times a week for about two years. I stopped visiting because I fell in love with a young lady who lived a few houses away. He would show me documents related with his contacts with people in high places like J.F Kennedy.

Don Beto would speak about his views, and today they have become a reality in the Garifuna Community of Labuga. We once had a school by the name of Martin Luther King, and Don Beto was a strong advocate in getting things done.  Don Beto was around when Martin King made history with I have a dream. I would like to believe that there will be a part two for I have a dream.

Don Beto; can now sit on the same table with these Icons and share with them an update. He can share with them our reality as a Nation.

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