Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Garabali Wind

Tues. 22/7/14- It is 5:40 in the morning; my curiosity was caught by a wind that came from a direction I was not expecting. It was a wind that surpassed my expectation and ignited my imagination. I have been able to exceed certain expectation about who I am as a person yet I am aware that I have not seen anything yet.

The past nine days has been like Alice in Wonderland for me, and on the other hand it has been like hell on earth. My son, Imenigi, and I have decided to read about the life of William Henry Gates III and on the other hand Israel is burning down Gaza.

It has been three weeks since I wrote about my experience in Trujillo, Honduras and would like to share this excerpt with you before I continue:

 “In this case, the concept of this “SHOW” is more about a spiritual journey of a people that was exiled from their homeland. I have written this before that we [the Garifuna People] are the “Jews” of the Caribbean. We are a people that were exiled from their homeland over 217 years ago. Today we can show the world that we are not alone. We can show the world that you may kill the body but you cannot kill the spirit”.

After pleading for days I was able to get a copy of the minutes that were taken during the workshop that took place in Trujillo, Honduras on the 26th -27th June 2014. It is a document that I can compare with the wind that I experienced this morning. It is a wind that came from a different direction and its objective is not about destroying. The wind I am experiencing or feeling at this moment is soothing; it feels like calm after a storm.

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya  

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Hi Dad I'm just checking the blog out and seeing what's going on in ur mind ... I sent you a couple E. Mails so when u get a chance take a look and get back at me. Love Anthony