Sunday, June 29, 2014


Sun. 29/6/14- It is 4:32 in the morning and I was thinking about the last couple days. I was in Trujillo, Honduras on Thursday 26th June 2014 and I was able to stumble upon a word I believe will open our eyes towards the right direction. We were able to say on the “microphone” that the event from my point of view is a SHOW.

However first, I would like to thank the Most High and Our Ancestors for being there. The Spirit of Marcus Garvey, T.V. Ramos, Mr. Pablo Lambey and many others like Marcos Sanchez Diaz were present. It was clear to many of us that we were using the occasion to “Show” the world that we are still here. “Here”; in the sense that we have manage to stay “together” for the past 217 years. Marcus Garvey spoke about a “ship” that would take us back to the Promised Land. The Promised Land that T.V. Ramos writes about has the same characteristics.

Please allow us to “show” you a quote from Time and Place which we wrote a little over seven months and a half ago:

"The workshop in Tele Honduras is about rural development and territorial rights for the Garifuna Nation in Central America. ONEGUA is the organization that is taking a responsibility to represent the Garifuna People in Guatemala. Therefore the role I will play is born from the experience I had in Honduras. It was born from being in the presence of brothers and sisters who understands the value of our identity in a struggle to maintain our Nation. The brothers and sisters from Nicaragua allowed me to understand that we had to take immediate actions there and then."

In this case, the concept of this “SHOW” is more about a spiritual journey of a people that was exiled from their homeland. I have written this before that we [the Garifuna People] are the “Jews” of the Caribbean. We are a people that were exiled from their homeland over 217 years ago. Today we can show the world that we are not alone. We can show the world that you may kill the body but you cannot kill the spirit.

Be that as it may the “show” will continue.

Lúbara Huya

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