Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mood Swing

Sat. 7/6/14- It is 5:42 in the morning and for the most part I was taking care of other things before I came to this point. In this case, my feelings today are not same like yesterday, yes indeed! There is such a thing like “mood swing.” Our community in Labuga is yearning and hurting. Since Wednesday June 4th 2014, our community radio was confiscated by the authorities for reasons unknown to me at this moment. On the other hand we are hurting over the case of a well know young Garifuna teenager who needs special attention. I was told yesterday that he is still in custody of the authorities, for the sole reason that he was at the radio station when the raid took place.

I had my first experience with the audience or listeners of Radio Marabou way back in 2009; my last visit was on the 21st May 2014, to inform the community about what is going on. To give you an “inside look” here is some notes that I shared with you:

Wed.21/5/14- It is 5:28 in the morning and I have been thinking about the events that are unfolding in front of our eyes. I was at Humbe’s home a couple days to congratulate him for the achievements of his daughter. This particular young lady has done something for the Garifuna of Guatemala that might take another life time to be achieved. On the other hand I am scheduled to be on a radio program with her father today for an hour. It is a radio program that Humbe has been conducting in Labuga and for the most part it has a wide range of coverage in our community. In this case, we hope to use the radio program as an instrument for “information”.  I am aware that “information” can be a double edge sword; therefore I would like to be upfront to let you know that I will stand by what I say.
Having said all that, today we hope to inform our community with the process regarding RIC. I am aware of the danger zone that we are approaching, be that as it may, I will stand by what I say, destiny and fate can takes its course but it is up to us to choose which direction to take."

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