Saturday, December 6, 2014

Wild Ride, Part Two

Fri. 5/12/14- It is 5:45 in the morning and it has been 365 days since Madiba made his transition and what a year it has been. I won’t say much at this moment because I am on my way to visit Gangadiwali to sit on Diriwana’s table with the four M.’s

Sat. 6/12/14- It is 5:23 in the morning and just got through reading what I wrote before my visit to Gangadiwali yesterday. Our first stop was in front of one of the Garifuna Temples in Chevecha; my attention was caught by a table for four from a Mango tree that is more than a century old.

We had the chance to capture the last moments of more than one hundred years of history. It is important to understand that the tree was becoming a treat to the community due to the erosion of the sea shore. In this case, Brother Cesar was aware of the history and now we can continue the contact.

Another contact I had was the sound of a sea gull. In 2012 we came in contact with Brother Julio who is also a [M]. We had the chance to be a part of a mission and the sea-gull was a symbol. In this case I would like to take you back to a point and time.
Mon. 19/5/14- It is 5:32 in the morning and for some reason I have been thinking about an “image” I saw yesterday on my way to Gangadiwali. It was a seagull on the shores of Amatique Bay but it could not fly anymore. I was on my way to Gangadiwali because that was where I wanted to be. My reaction when I saw the seagull was to fix the problem so the seagull could fly again. 

Something about an “image” like this reached a profound feeling of helplessness at level of my soul. I was able to shade a tear or two over the death of a brother who was assassinated in a Garifuna Community of Honduras on the 16th May 2014. In this case, I would like to share a few words we selected for a prayer, “once again we call upon the Most High and Our Ancestors to allow for destiny and fate to take its course but to give us his blessings to choose the right direction. Seremein”

The seagull I saw and heard yesterday brought a message of joy. It was flying over the Amatique Bay and had the wings of an eagle and yes my Brothers and Sisters; it is an Eagle of the Sea. While Brother Julio was in Gangadiwali in 2012 at the Attention Center we made a pact then. He came back a year later to honor our mission and we witnessed the power of our Spirituality and Ancestors.

It was 9:12 when the phone rang last night, it was Brother Julio wanting to know how the Brothers and Sisters are doing. In this case, Brother Julio and I have stayed in touch through the net work and he has been inviting the Garifuna Community to a Spiritual event that will take place in Guatemala soon. He has been sharing this information with me and I have managed to share but to no avail. Please let us know if you are interested in more details.

While I was on Diriwana’s table yesterday at the Attention Center, it was clear to me that our Spirituality will play a vital role in our struggle, and there is no doubt that the Spirits of Madiba, Marcos Sanchez Diaz, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and other Spirits are with us.

I was able to feel the presence of these Spirits while I was in Gangadiwali yesterday. While I was reading Long Walk to Freedom, I became aware of the contact that Madiba had with nature and plants. While I was reading one of the autobiographies of Martin Luther King I became aware that most of the great teachers were taught by nature and plants. Marcos Sanchez Diaz lived near the zone I was in yesterday and yes! It is a joy to be in love with nature.

Lúbara Huya           

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