Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wild Ride

Thurs. 4/12/14- It is 5:09 in the morning and the “thought” that came to mind is Wild Ride. Lately I have been going through some of the most unpredictable circumstance that takes me to the edge of insanity. It is like a wild ride on a rollercoaster.

The ride that I am speaking of comes with the journey that I have been sharing with some of you since the 16th August 1997. My son Anthony was visiting me at the time in San Diego California, he was the first person I every told that someday I will share the story of my life, and yes! indeed my life has been like a Wild Ride.

The most recent part of the wild ride was yesterday in Gangadiwali, but before I left I was able to scribble a few words, here is the cut and paste “Wed. 3/12/14- It is 5:20 in the morning and I am getting ready to visit Gangadiwali however I will be taking another direction to get there. Be that as it may yesterday was one of those days. To give you an idea I am going to be a great-grandfather next year. Yesterday I was able to see how the number four is still a mystery, for example I mentioned yesterday that Madiba, Marcos Sanchez and other Spirits are watching your every move about how you are governing this country. What caught my attention was a portrait at the home of Miss. Luz with the image of Madiba, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. A few minutes into our conversation she brought me a few documents that indicate that the other M. is present.

Here are the four names that begin with the letter M. Madiba, Marcos Sanchez, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. I am hoping to have these Spirits present in our endeavor during our trials and tribulations to establish truth.

 Wild Ride is also a context; it covers the wild ride our Ancestors had from our home [Yurumain] to Central America, it covers the wild ride that Marcos Sanchez Diaz, Martin Luther King, and Madiba had for common good of their people. It also covers the ride we are having with the actual president of Guatemala.

Wild Ride is also a concept, I am aware that we are on a Wild Ride as Garinagu in Guatemala but you can bet that we will not forget where we came from, where we are and where we are going. 

Lúbara Huya   

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