Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Tues. 2/12/14- It is 6:27 in the morning and for some reason I have been wanting to know how to write this word in the Garifuna language nibúeigiña. I found out that the root word comes from the word -nibu-, which also means 'big brother'. We have spoken about the importance of a direct relationship with the Youth (nibúeigiña).

Yesterday was not an easy day for me, I felt as if though the world was on my shoulder and I spent most of the day feeling sorry for myself. There was no inspiration to do anything and it is how one can compare a moment like yesterday with the present moment. It is true that one can have a bad day, and it is also true that the next day can be the yang.

Lately I have been looking at the different information we have documented about Marcos Sanchez Diaz and this one in particular calls my attention due to the nature of the message:

Day 17- Mon. 22/4/13- It is 5:30 in the morning, what I am going to share is something real. Here is an example; I just came across this information again, the first time was over four years ago, when Menelio gave me copy of this book.  “Marcos Sánchez Diáz, a través de Alfonzo Arrivillaga, nos llevara de la mano a revivir esos grandes periodos que permiten a los garinagus de hoy, alimentando de su propia espiritualidad, para seguir siendo tal." 

Here is what caught my attention this morning. 

“La memoria colectiva agrega a los relatos de Marcos Sanchez Diáz la visita que recibió de Justo Rufino Barrios cuando siendo presidente de Guatemala realizo un viaje a Estados Unidos de Norteamérica en 1882.  Este le visito en el sitio conocido como La Guaira y pidió a las autoridades le guardaran el debido respeto y atenciones que merecía el fundador del pueblo."

We were able to give the actual president a copy of this book a week later.  In this case, I would like the actual President of Guatemala to prove me wrong. He was the first authority I ever told who is the actual president of ONEGUA.  We believe that it is not a coincidence; however we do believe that it is a consequence.

It has been three hundred and sixty two days since the transition of Mr. Nelson Mandela and here we are today. Madiba, Marcos Sanchez Diaz and other Spirits are watching your every move about how you are governing this country. We believe in a Spiritual Back-Bone.


Lúbara Huya

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