Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blessed Words

Sun. 23/11/14- It is 6:44 in the morning and I have been thinking about this moment. Somehow I was able to hear these words coming from somewhere. Blessed Words is an inspiration from the experience I had in Dangriga, Belize. I came back yesterday and one of the first things I did was to visit the monument that was honored on the 21st November 2014 in Labuga. To be honest with you I was confused about a few things.  However I would like for us to stop here, before we continue.

First we would like to give Thanks and Praise to the Most High and Our Ancestors for their intervention in our affairs. We would like for you to know that we are beyond grateful for spending time with us. Speaking of spending time with us, we would like to share this message with you.

Day 16- 21/4/13- It is 5:12 in the morning, and I am having some revelations that I would like to share with you, it is about the Monument the Garifuna community from Guatemala is “structuring” to honor our hero, our guru, our spiritual leader and there is more open space if you like to find a connection with him.

The concept of a monument is a wonderful connection with someone who is still with us today.  While I was in the meeting yesterday, I was able to open the windows of my mind to look into a frame of mind that I have been telling Brothers like Fermin and Bencho about the symbolic interpretation I am seeing as far as the Monument for Marcos Sanchez Diaz is concern.

The symbol I see is not an ordinary monument; it is something we the Garifuna of Guatemala can create together. I am seeing something in the form of a legal “Document” that can give us the power to choose the next destination. With this “Legal Document {Monument}” we can use as an instrument of “unity”. 

On the other hand, I will participate in an election this morning around 10:00 to accept the role I will play in the board of decision makers for ONEGUA. It will be the second time, that I have accepted a role in the process. I hope to be a part of a team that is building a “structure or monument for the future. ONEGUA as far as I am concern is going through a transition, it is something that can happen even to the Vatican.

ONEGUA needs a new “Pope”. Let’s see what color of smoke will be seen in the future. I hope to do my best and nothing less.

Au- le
Lúbara Huya 

Day 17- Mon. 22/4/13- It is 5:30 in the morning, what I am going to share is something real. Here is an example; I just came across this information again, the first time was over four years ago, when Menelio gave me copy of this book.  “Marcos Sanchez Diáz, a través de Alfonzo Arrivillaga, nos llevara de la mano a revivir esos grandes periodos que permiten a los garinagus de hoy, alimentando de su propia espiritualidad, para seguir siendo tal. Here is what caught my attention this morning. “”La memoria colectiva agrega a los relatos de Marcos Sanchez Diáz la visita que recibió de Justo Rufino Barrios cuando siendo presidente de Guatemala realizo un viaje a Estados Unidos de Norteamérica en 1882.  Este le visito en el sitio conocido como la Guaira y pidió a las autoridades le guardaran el debido respeto y atenciones que merecía el fundador del pueblo.

In this case, my brothers this happens when you take a leap of faith.”
It has been one year and seven months today since we decided to take that leap, in this case I have mentioned before that I am not alone because you are with me, therefore you and I have come to this point. It was on the 22nd April 2013, that these Words were Blessed.

I am aware of some form of inspiration that is taking place. We had the opportunity in Dangriga to listen to Brother Roy about his point of view about the concept of inspirations. He was able to connect us with Clintan and Paul Nabor. Yesterday when I met with Brother Chacho [Wilfredo Palacios] he allowed me to see the connection that Paul Nabor will have with us. He will live with us through his music.  I was able to see, that he was still in Dangriga, however it was clear that he is also in Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Marcos Sanchez Diaz on the other hand is inspiring us to take a serious look at our Spirituality as Garinagu from a Political perspective.  In this case, we would like to address the words Garifuna Nation. From my point of view our Spirituality is the Spirit of the Garifuna Nation. Therefore we should not try to personalize the process.

I spoke about the role I will play as the president of ONEGUA. This message is in relation to a document that Brother Ramos wrote as a voice for the Garifuna Nation. In this case, as the voice of ONEGUA we will not participate in a process that is not in the common good of the Garifuna Nation. Garifuna Nation should be words that are blessed.

Lúbara Huya

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