Saturday, October 25, 2014


Sat. 25/10/14- It is 5:21 in the morning and for the most part I have been thinking about this moment. I have been wondering since I received two cones from Brother Fermin that had some mahogany seeds in them. It has been nineteen days since they came from Dangriga Belize and I am anxious about seeing the first tree. 

 What can be interesting about this is my message to Monsanto; I went as far as saying to Monsanto that I will protect my seeds.

The relationship which exists between the Sower and the seed is real between the Garifuna People and the Mahogany tree. A few days ago, I came across one of Nancy Solien Gonzalez research [study] about our communities in Central America. Some of the research she did in Labuga is more than fifty years old. Today I can look back at fifty years and on a personal level would like to extend our thanks to the Most High and our Ancestors for her intervention in our affairs. Nancy Gonzalez has earned the respect of the Garifuna people who understands the deepness of our Spirituality.

Through reading Dr. Gonzalez’s work I can feel the connection that the Mahogany industry in Central America had on the Garifuna psyche. It can see the link between then and now through the Mahogany spirit.  Ahari is a Mahogany tree that was given to me in Punta Gorda on the 31st October 2009. It will be five years a week from today since Ahari came into my life.

The Garifuna People and the Mahogany tree from my point of view go deeper than what the naked eyes can see. I would like to repeat this statement, but this time with a dose of “wonder” it goes like this, “The image of peace has never before caught my attention like this, but I have learned over the years that nature has a language that extends far beyond what the human mind can comprehend. An image like this will open the mind of anyone that can look into the beauty of nature.

When a person can look into the beauty of nature you can find “Peace”.

Au Le
Lúbara Huya

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