Friday, February 27, 2015

Time Line

Part II

Fri. 27/2/15- It is 6:02 in the morning and just got through reading Time Line which we shared with you exactly sixty one days ago. Tomorrow will be the day that may define the direction we have been consulting about. We were on Diriwana’s Table on the 24th February, 2015 the same day that the brothers and sisters were at the presidential palace with one of the advisers of the actual president along with a team from RIC regarding measurements of land in Labuga. We would like for you to know that we hope to provide an update on this particular subject as they unfold.

While we were on Diriwana’s table in Gangadiwali on Tuesday of this week, we became aware of what took place on the 18th December 2014. In this case, we would like to invite you to read the message again.

“Sun. 28/12/14- It is 5:27 in the morning and the word that caught my attention this morning is the concept; time line. We believe that there is a time line that goes with the energy of life. We were able to understand a little bit more from an event that unfolded in front of our eyes in Gangadiwali yesterday.

To make a long story short, it is about a mahogany tree that was transplanted in Gangadiwali in the year 1964. In October of 2009 the tree was put to sleep, it was how the idea was born to have a table to honor the person that had a relationship with the tree for forty five years. If we follow the “time line” one becomes aware that there is a connection with today.

We may not know what tomorrow may bring, however today we would like to invite you into the time line. Today we have a table in Gangadiwali at the Attention Center in honor of Basilio Castillo, well known in the community as Don Chilo. Don Chilo was guided by our Ancestors to continue the mission in Gangadiwali.

I was told by my grandmother who made her transition at the age of ninety one, who was Don Chilo’s sister-in-law, that for many years that the name Diriwana came by way of a medium and she does not know exactly what it means. Many of us that are aware of our spirituality in the Garifuna communities know that Diriwana is a respected Spirit. We have named the table as Lidabula Diriwana [Diriwana’s Table] since November 2011.  We believe that whenever we sit around the table of Diriwana; we are also sitting with the Ancestors that brought him there; because we also believe that they are the same Ancestors who have us there today
It was the 18th December 2014, a day that will mark the “time line” for us in Gangadiwali. It was on Diriwana’s table that we began to understand that we are the Ancestors of tomorrow. In this case “we” meaning you and I are the ancestors of tomorrow. It means that every thought, every word, and every action is a part of this time line.”

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya

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