Thursday, March 5, 2015

Time Line

Part III

Tues. 3/3/15- It is 5:49 in the morning and we have decided to follow the vibes with what has unfolded in front of our eyes during the past six days.  It has been six days since we shared Time Line part two with you and as we speak Time Line part three is in the making. Our intention was to be on Diriwana’s table this morning but for some reason it started raining. While it is raining the concept of time came to mind because we have been thinking about the context of a message that we shared with you not long ago that go like this. “We believe that there is a time line that goes with the energy of life”.

We also believe that there is a Time and Place for everything. We have shared with you a journey that has brought you and me together. The second person is present when we come to a point like this. As Garifuna we are a part of a Time Line that goes back to a Time and Place.

We would like to provoke a reaction with two questions. Who would you consider as the second person in a case like this?  Who do you think is the first person?

From our point of view, now that we are together, a Time Tine is being drawn. In this case one has to choose what role he or she will play.

As a Garifuna I also believe that there is a Time Line that goes with the energy of life. In so many “words” what is unfolding in front of our eyes as Garifuna in Guatemala in a time like this proves beyond a reasonable doubt that we are the Ancestors of tomorrow.

What each and every one of us is “doing” will bear it fruits in the future. 

Au- Lú
Lúbara Huya

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