Friday, March 20, 2015

A voyage

Wed. 18/3/15- It is 5:22 in the morning and can feel that the vibes we mentioned fifteen days ago continues in a Time Line. The concept of a voyage has been on my mind lately. In this case, we would like to share with you a voyage that has a time line. From our point of view when a voyage has a time line it becomes a “relationship.”

The relationship or voyage we are relating to is a direct link with the Most High and the Spirits of Our Ancestors. We hold the belief that there is a Time Line that goes with the energy of life.

It was around a time like this 218 years ago that a relationship began that continues today and has brought us to this moment.  It has been a relationship that has brought you and me together. You and I are now on board the same ships that brought our Ancestors to the coast of Honduras in Central America.

We are at a point on our voyage where we can take a look at the past. We were reading on the internet that it has been 220 years since our paramount leader made his transition. What will the generation in 220 years say about you and me?

It is not difficult to ask now, what did the generation 220 years before Joseph Chotoyer said about the generations before them? In this case, we can see a time line that will never end.

Today we are in between a time line that will continue without an end and because of that, we are concern about the present condition of our people in Guatemala. The Garifuna of Guatemala is on board the ships but does not know where the ship is going.

While on the subject of ship and voyage, it is 2:52 am on a Friday, March 20th 2015. What called my attention was a text message that we shared with a friend yesterday. The past seventeen days has been a part of a voyage that tells a story that you and I have been sharing since the 15th May 2014. Part of the story that caught my attention is about a Garifuna Father who his fascinated with the English language and has come to the conclusion that he is on board a ship and cannot communicate in the Garifuna language to his own son.

Now that he is a great- grandfather at the tender age of fifty three, he would like to play the role of an ancestor, an ancestor that comes in the form of an English instructor, who lives a life in harmony with nature.

A voyage in this case, is about finding a balance. It is about a journey that first starts within.

As a Garifuna who now understands the vital importance of a language, now hopes to find a solution.

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya

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