Sunday, April 26, 2015

Frozen Thoughts

Sun. 26/4/15- It is 6:17 in the morning and just got through organizing the following message that we would like to share with you this morning, but before we continue it’s my duty to share with you, that we should never forget to give thanks and praise to the Most High and the Spirits of our Ancestors.

It is about the visit of Bro. Robinson that gave birth to GNCG. Garifuna National Council of Guatemala is a seed from ANC- African National Congress. The million dollar question is “Who will play the role of Nelson Mandela of Guatemala?"

Today is day 21, is so many words today is the beginning of the third quarter, we are somewhere in the middle of a spiritual journey for forty days. However the concept of a center still holds strong, the message we have been sharing with you are the sources.  A seed is a source; in this case, Brothers like Ambassador Robinson can be a seed and we the Garifuna People of Guatemala can be the soil and this can give birth. ANC- African National Congress was born in 1912; therefore we are talking about a difference of 103 years between the two, it has been 103 years of frozen thoughts and Madiba has found a way to share with us.

Madiba is giving us a direction because in so many ways many of us can identify with him. A role of Madiba in Guatemala will never be easy for any of us.  To be a Freedom Fighter or a Trouble Maker is not an overnight story. We understand that it is more about convictions and commitments. The conviction and commitment with a role like Mandela’s in Guatemala is like a seed.

We can call this seed GNCG or Garifuna National Council of Guatemala. This “Seed” can be in the form of a document just like an Act. This document should the center of the Garifuna People of Guatemala.

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya

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