Saturday, July 25, 2015


Mon. 20/7/15- It is 5:45 in the morning and just got through reading this particular message “Today is July 6th 2015, and we are exactly two weeks away from another day that is already set aside and two months away from the other. We are becoming concern about the outcome. We are wondering if there is enough time for us to get ready for an event of this nature.”

 To say the least, the past two weeks has been the “lifetime” for what will be the making of today. Today will be marked as “once in a lifetime”. The political event that will unfold sometime today will transcend time and space. We are present in this lifetime. We are here to be.

To be here is not a coincidence, it is a consequence of time and space. It will be seven years tomorrow since our brothers and sisters had an event of a lifetime in Labuga at one of the largest Garifuna Temples in our communities throughout the Americas.

The past seven years reminds us of a story from the Old Testament. It has been seven years of learning and the time has come for us to learn from our mistakes. Sometimes our mistakes can affect other and the mistakes of others can affect us as a People.

The Garifuna Temple is a sacred space for us and it is the center of our Spirituality. Our Spirituality and our Temple is like time and space and together they will create something of a lifetime.

Wed. 22/7/15- It is 6:55 in the morning and just got through reading one of the first digital letters that we wrote on the 6th September 1997. It was far less than five hundred words and it was written in Spanish. At the time we were looking forward to our thirty sixth birthday.

In 1997 was two hundred years since our ancestors were exiled from our home land and for the most part brothers and sisters were aware of the significance and symbolic meaning of two hundred years of exile.

In the meantime it has been seventeen years for something like this to happen and we are forty five days away from the 6th September 2015. In this case, no one knows what will happen from today.

Through the letters and messages we  have manage to share in the past seventeen years we have learned that a life- time is not defined by what can happen tomorrow. It is define by the present combined with the moment.

Fri. 24/7/15- It is 6:08 in the morning and was thinking about some of the events that unfolded in front of our eyes yesterday. Bro Leo came to mind this morning because of a brief conversation we had while we were at a Garifuna Ceremony in Labuga.

Beyond the benefit of a doubt we did share more than five hundred words but what caught my attention was the concept of joint ventures with brother and sisters who are working the Garifuna Lands in our different communities.

We told Bro Leo yesterday that we were planning to be at the ceremony early today and we hope to take this letter with us to share with the Ancestors. We will share in a sense that can energize the message.

Lúbara Huya

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