Sunday, September 27, 2015

Joining Hands

Day 17- Sun. 27/9/15- It is 4:57 in the morning and just got through reading the speech of Dr. Martin Luther King that the Pope spoke of while he was in Harlem New York a couple days ago. The Pope was not far from where Dr. Martin Luther King was attacked on September 20th 1963 and came close to joining hands with physical death.

We had the chance to look at an image that caught my attention this morning. Below the image are the following words “I met with Malcolm X in Washington but circumstances didn’t enable me to talk with him for more than a minute”. The image of Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X joining hands in March 1964 is symbolic for today.

The leaders of today that are joining hands with each other are symbolic. From our point of view it symbolizes the past joining hands with the present.  Fifty years has gone by for us to be at this point and time in history. But before we continue, we the Garifuna People of Guatemala would like to provoke the United States Embassy to verify some information for us. We would like to know, if Dr. Martin Luther King ever visited Puerto Barrios Izabal at Hotel Del Norte in Guatemala.

When the U. S. Ambassador Todd Robinson visited Labuga on the 30th April 2015 we had two things in mind, one was to join hands with him and the other was to ask if he knew about the rumor and to verify if it was true that Dr. Martin Luther King visited Puerto Barrios and stayed at the Hotel Del Norte.

On the other hand we have a dream that someday the Garifuna People of Guatemala can call Labuga their home. Today we cannot call Labuga our home because the Guatemalan governments of the past and present have kept us invisible to the world.  In this case we would like to join hand with the future government, so we can make our dream a reality.

When the Garifuna People of Guatemala were asked five years ago by a branch of the United Nations about what is our priority as a People in Guatemala? We have said in many occasions that we need a political instrument that can give us the power to make decisions.

On the 17th September 2015 Beluba and a branch of the United Nation in Guatemala joined hands for it to be a reality in the future.


Lúbara Huya

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