Thursday, January 14, 2016

Expectations, Part I

Sun. 10/1/16- It is 7:42 in the morning and we believe that yesterday was a day that was set aside. Yesterday we were in Gangadiwali for the first time this year.

In this case, we are sharing with you a forty days calendar, for example today is day two, because day forty was Friday, 8th January 2016.  Yesterday was day one therefore today is day two and Day 40 will be on the 17th February 2016.

What caught our attention on this calendar is the 23rd January 2016, which falls on a Saturday.   It will mark fifteen years since our return to La Buga.

Mon. 11/1/16- It is 6:05 in the morning, in this case, we are short of words.  Therefore the words we hope to use this morning are selected for this moment. First words will always be Thanks and Praise to the Most High and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers.  Thank You for being here.

We are short of words this morning, and this is why, we are saying that these words are selected for a time like this.  We were able to share a few minutes with Carlos Gotay at his brother’s business; [Café Gotay] on the banks of Chewecha River.  One of the Garifuna sisters who were singing to the Pope in Harlem New York was also present.

We were able to share a few words with Bro. Fermin on his way back from Gangadiwali a few minutes before seeing Carlos.  Later on the same day we came in touch with Bencho and shared a message about the revelation we had on Diriwana’s Table on the 9th January 2016.

Tues. 12/1/16- It is 6:00 in the morning and just got through studying a message from chapter fifth teen pg. 157, Up from Slavery, introduction by Dr. Clarence A Andrews. In so many words, it goes like this “Do not get others to do that what you can do yourself.”  On the same line, Booker T Washington added these words my motto, on the other hand, is “Do not do that which others can do as well.”

Speaking of “words” selected for a moment like this comes with the message we are studying this morning. “Do not get others to do that what you can do yourself.”

In this case, the first word is “do”.  This morning we would like to paraphrase something J.F. K said over fifty years ago. It is not about what the Garifuna Nation can “do” for us, it should be about what we can “do” for the Garifuna Nation.

Speaking in public is a power instrument; it can heal a person or can wound a soul.  We should also keep in mind that words can be like a double edge sword. So far today has taught us to be very selective with words.

Wed. 13/1/16- It is 5:06 in the morning and just got through studying a message from the same book but on a different page. The message we are about to share with you is something we would enjoy “doing” for the rest of our lives, “that we begin our day in the morning which is taking place at this moment. We expect to have a successful and pleasant day of it but at the same time we prepare ourselves for the unpleasant and unexpected hard places.

We have mentioned the painful transition that we are going through as A Nation.  La Buga in Guatemala is expecting the painful transition because of a change that ends this Friday 15th January 2016 and begins on the Monday 18th 2016. 

We were hoping to have Beluba, the library on wheels ready for this occasion but in this case we would like to admit that we have fallen short of the expectations, we are aware of the many expectations from the library and therefore we hope to be in Barrio San Jose in La Buga on Saturday 16th January 2016.  

Thurs. 14/1/16- It is 5:25 in the morning and don’t have a clue about what Mr. Jimmy Morales could be thinking at this moment. This is a moment we can name and baptize as Expectations. These Expectations gave birth to a question that is born from the Ancestors of Tomorrow. The Garifuna People of Guatemala also have Expectations.  We plan to follow these expectations from the moment you are sworn as the President of the republic of Guatemala.

Yesterday and tomorrow will mark another timeline in the Political and Spiritual life of La Buga, Guatemala because of what took place yesterday on our way to Gangadiwali.  The Garifuna Rida is in our Hands and should be in Gangadiwali on Saturday the 23rd January 2016.

On the other hand, tomorrow will mark not the end, but the beginning of a Political and Spiritual life for Chente, because he is being prepared for the next cycle.

You see, it is how we understand the concept of expectation. It looks like hopes in the middle of yesterday and tomorrow.

La Buga awaits a change in the Muni that will end on the 18th January 2016 and begins in January 2020. The next administration for the Muni may have to start at the bottom and not on top.

The expectations we have for the coming administration is on a trial basis. We will try our best and we expect the same in return, not only from Miguel Rax but also from Jimmy Morales, not only from the South but also from the North.


Lúbara Huya      

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