Thursday, January 14, 2016

Library on Wheels

Day-30- 29/12/15- It is 5:10 in the morning and just got through reading pg. 43- Booker T. Washington – Up From Slavery- Introduction by Dr. Clarence A. Andrews. Here are the words that caught our attention this morning, “I had to rise by four o’clock in the morning, in order to build the fires and have a little time in which to prepare my lessons.”

In this case, the way Booker T Washington spoke about Samuel C. Armstrong during those days is the same way we would like to mention Dr. Joe Joseph O. Palacio.

In this case the message we would like to share with you today is about the Power of Educating our People. Education is equal to Power. Yesterday we came across, “The Garifuna- A Nation across borders: Essays in Social Anthropology. This book was donated to us by Dr. Joe on the 7th January 2012 and Up from Slavery was donated to us on 2nd July 2008 and the list is being created as we speak for the Library on Wheels in La Buga.

The first time we mentioned a Library on Wheels was on the 4th December 2015. It was nineteen years ago today that a Peace Treaty was signed in Guatemala.

Lately we have spoken about signs of things yet to come. The concept of a library on wheels connects with something Booker T, wrote many years ago; “Instead of studying books so constantly, how I wish that our schools and colleges might learn to study men and things.”

How we wish that the Library on Wheels might learn to study men and things.

Day- 32- Thurs. 31/12/15- It is 5:17 in the morning and have been up since 3:30, just got through making up the fire for Elda. Elda has been feeding our family for years from selling porridge and chicken sandwiches on the main streets of La Buga. She is the teacher as far as my family is concern. As an example; she has earned the merits of knowledge of economics from our point of view.
We would like to ask for a few seconds of your precious time to analyze a message that could be a hundred and thirty seven years in the making. How we wish that the Library on Wheels might learn to study men and things.

The Library on Wheels that we are referring to is a concept in motion. A concept in motion is relative to practice what you preach.

Just a few minutes ago, we received a call from Basilio in Houston, who at this time is recovering from a hip surgery. We were talking about the concept of baby steps, and we came to the conclusion that if there is no pain there will be no gain.

In this case, from our point of view we are going through a painful transition in our history as a Garifuna Nation, we would like the world to know that what affects one affects all, in other words what affects a Garifuna in Honduras today, affect the one in Belize? The Garifuna People of Guatemala in Labuga is taking a baby step, a baby step towards sharing the philosophy of Booker T. Washington.

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Au- Le

Lúbara Huya   

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