Sunday, February 21, 2016


Day-3- 20/2/16 – It is 6:03 and feeling like if there is a load on our back and conscious that we have thirty seven days to go. Tomorrow is the anniversary of our blog and it is also the anniversary of Ma Chana.

Ma Chana was born on the 21st February 1921 in La Buga, Guatemala and made her transition on the 31st of May 2012.  What does garifunareality has in common with Ma Chana?

Day-4- 21/2/16- It is 4:46 in the morning and would like to set the record straight by correcting our mistake with the dates. In this case today is Day- 4 and not Day-5 as it was written in Expectation-II.
Today can take us back to February 21st 1965, in Harlem, New York, the day Malcolm X was assassinated, bear in mind that this was the same place the Pope visited last year 2015 in the month of September.  This is the same place where Martin Luther King was stabbed and almost died.

Today can take us forward to next fifty one years and beyond, take for example what will happen on the 21st March 2016.  What we are saying today is not a secret any more; the world will be watching the first Black President of the United Sates that was born in an area that has given birth to an experience some of us will never forget.    

“Now curious minds would like to know who will kiss whose feet because the era of shaking hands is over.  Allow us to break it down. The role Castro can play and the role Obama can play will give birth to another era. The 21st March 2016 which will be Day- 29 on our calendar, will be a day set aside. There is a Day 29 in February of this month which is eight days away and it happens every four years.

Somehow we can feel that the energy this morning is the opposite of what it was twenty four hours ago. Yesterday was a day we believe could mark the beginning of another area in La Buga. Yesterday was a day we believe that the Ancestors of Tomorrow was watching over us.

Garifunareality, our blog is six years old today, and who knows what the next 51 years will be?
To give our readers an “idea” we have learn how to look into the next 51 years from now. We have to learn how to spend less time looking at the past.  To look into the next fifty one years is one step at a time very similar to one day at a time. Today we are here tomorrow who knows.

“Now the idea”, of common good continues to be the Spirit of what we are sharing with you this morning. We believe that it should be our slogan for a life be that as it may; we would like to add a magic touch to it. In some many “words” we would like to put it this way.

“Common Good -by Any Means Necessary”

Au- le

Lúbara Huya     

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