Monday, March 28, 2016

Birth Pains

Day- 35- Wed. 23/3/16- its 8:22 in the morning and watching a movie about the life of Madiba[Nelson Mandela] and just heard the part when he invited the United States to come to South Africa.

And then came the part we have mentioned during the era of Otto Perez Molina the ex- president of Guatemala. Madiba said that he wanted to set the standards for his cabinet by donating one third of his salary for a good cause for his people.

From our point of view the highlight of the movie is when he said that if we want to change a nation, one has to try to exceed his own expectations.

Day- 36- Thurs. 24/3/16- It is 6:24 in the morning and just got through reading Kissing Feet which we shared with you on Monday, February 15th 2016. Somehow we would like to set the record straight. We would like to correct a mistake regarding these two particular dates. The 28th March 2016 will be Day- 40 and the 29th March 2016 will be Day-1 therefore if we are not mistaking this time around, the following Day- 40 will be on Saturday 7th May 2016.

We are four days away from the second Day- 40 of this year and somehow we have managed to share some of the events that have unfolded in front of our eyes for the past thirty five days. Day-35 was yesterday and Expectation II is having birth pains, and will give birth to a new beginning on the 28th March 2016.

Day-37- Fri. 25/3/16- its 5:13 in the morning and “feeling” like Birth Pains. To explain something of this nature is not going to be easy, be that as it may, we are giving it a try. To begin with, the concept of Birth Pains is strictly spiritual. In this case we are on a spiritual plane and on a spiritual journey
Today is Good Friday, and Birth Pains is trying to describe the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for humanity. From our point of view the pain on the cross is about giving birth to a new beginning.

Day-38- Sat. 26/3/16- It is 6:36 in the morning and forty eight hours away from Day- 40. Between now and then lies the birth of a new beginning. It is possible to see a new beginning revealed through a soccer game; in this case the selection team of the United States was defeated by the selection team of Guatemala yesterday. According to one of the reporters of the game last night, he said that it has been thirty three years since something like this took place.

A new beginning is happening in Guatemala and we the Garifuna Nation is a part of it. The Garifuna People of Guatemala were invisible on the playing field but it does not mean that we were not there.
We once heard on an interview by one of the best woman who ever played soccer, she said to the extent, that a ball also has a spirit, and she looks for a connection with the spirit of the ball whenever she is on the playing field.

On the other hand one of the key players the selection team of Guatemala ever had was a Garifuna man who was well known by Catan Leiva. Don Catan as he was well known made his transition three day ago. When he was alive we had the chance to ask him if the rumor was true about him playing against Pele of Brazil. He had confirmed to us, that it was true.

It may be true that it took thirty three years for Guatemala to defeat the United Sates in a soccer game. It is true that Guatemala is going through a transition; however, we shall never forget the players that love the game and who are willing to continue. We shall never forget that not because we are not seen does not mean we are not here.

Day-39- Sun. 27/3/16- It is 6:07 in the morning and we are twenty four hours away from Day-40. Between now and then lies a new beginning which will bring a sign of hope for tomorrow.

Day-40- Mon. 28/3/16- its 4:14 in the morning and we have been looking forward to this moment. The pain is over for now and the process continues, it has given birth to a new beginning that starts tomorrow.

In the meantime we give Thanks and Praise to the Most High and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers for their divine intervention in our affairs. We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for taking the time to be here.

Today is a day that was set aside many years ago; we are saying this because we just got through reading about the life of Marcos Sanchez Diaz. What does Marcos Sanchez Diaz has to do with a day like this?

To be honest with you, we do not know at this moment, however we would like to invite you to join us on our spiritual journey for the next forty days and we are giving you our word that we will provide the updates as they unfold.

Birth Pains for example has been in the making since Good Friday and is giving birth to a moment like this. A moment like this is a new beginning for anyone who would like to open their mind to a new frontier.


Lúbara Huya  

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