Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rain Drops and Fire, Part II

Day-5- Sat. 2/4/16- It is 4:48 in the morning and we have been thinking about Humbe since Monday 28th March 2016. In this case, it has been five days since our Brother has been fighting for his life. At this moment and time we are joining hand to pray for the intervention of the Most High and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers, never to leave Humbe to fight this fight alone, never to leave us alone in the struggle for a better tomorrow for the common good of our  grandchildren and their children.

Day-6- Sun. 3/4/16- It is 7:12 in the morning and thinking about the call we received yesterday at 11:44 in the morning, to let us know that Humbe had made his transition. What caught our attention yesterday was our participation in the Building of A Fire near the place where we use to sit and talk for hours.

For this to make sense we would like to share a message with you that was revealed to us on Sat. 30/1/16- It is 5:01 in the morning and getting ready for the day, but this time we have a few thoughts in mind before building the fire for today. It was something that sparked our imagination when Booker T. mentioned in Up from Slavery- introduced by Dr. Clarence Andrews, the relationship he had with building a fire, which is something we still do today at least six days a week. Since we started studying the book previously mentioned in December 2015, our imagination has been sparked, we have been having a relationship with Booker T. through building fires.  Today we would like to take it one step farther, we would never again build a fire without giving Thanks and Praise to the Most High and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers.

Yesterday was the 29th January 2016, and would like to continue today by sharing the same message from yesterday “Our expectation about the meeting with the Parlamento Garifuna is hopeful. It is full of hopes to continue the struggle for our People in La Buga, Guatemala.  We need to continue with the hope of creating a Political Figure that should represent the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala.

Our visit to the Muni yesterday is still without results; now that the door was opened by the Spirits of the Trouble Makers on the 28th January 2016 we can give you our “word” that we will provide updates as they unfold.

At the present moment in the administration of Miguel Rax Asij at the Muni of La Buga, he has not given any of the Garifuna Organizations his approval.  In this case we hope to keep a record of how many of the Garifuna Organization are legally registered and approved by this administration. There is a link between this administration and the one twelve years ago.

Yesterday sometime after five in the evening we had the chance to ask for a minute of silence to honor Humberto Bermudez, well known as Humbe.  The meeting took place at the head-quarters of ONEGUA, where we believe Humbe was present.

Day- 7- Mon. 4/4/16- It is 5:28 in the morning and it is the beginning of a new era. The transition that is taking place may be relative to each and every one of us. The experience we had yesterday at the funeral of Brother Humberto Bermudez went beyond the expected.

There was not an empty space at the church, we saw brother and sisters sharing their pain and shaking hand in the name of peace. Between the walking distances from the church to his final resting place, we were able to feel a cocktail of emotions.

From our point of view, the transition of Bro. Humbe can play the role of the sacrificed lamb.  Abraham and his son is like La Buga and Humbe, in the case, La Buga has sacrificed one of its key players of this era.

On the other hand we have to be aware, that there are unfinished businesses to take care of, we need brothers and sisters who are willing to play a role in the process.

The role that Brother Humbe played within the Garifuna Nation of Guatemala has to continue one way or another, understanding that it is not an easy shoe to walk in.

Day- 8- Tues. 5/4/16- It is 4:24 in the morning and having a difficult time to explain something like this. To begin with, it was a year today that our temple in Barranco Belize was destroyed by a fire. 

Yesterday was Day-7 as far as our calendar is concern, but before we continue we would like to give Thanks and Praise to the Most High and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers for their intervention in our affairs.

Speaking of intervention in our affairs, it was manifested to us to share Rain Drops and Fire with you this morning. How can we explain “something” like this?

“Day- 7- Wed. 24/2/16- It is 6:22 in the morning, in this case we just got through reading BUILDING FIRES which we shared with our readers Saturday 30th January 2016.   The past twenty four days has brought us to this point. While we were building the fire for today we realize that we are not alone.

We want to give thanks and praise to the Most High and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers for their intervention in our affairs.

Speaking of affairs, we would like to inform you that we are scheduled for our first meeting with the actual Mayor of La Buga sometime before twelve this morning. However we would like to link what took place at the headquarters of ONEGUA yesterday with what can take place today at a meeting with the actual mayor Miguel Rax.

Yesterday was the first official meeting of the COMUDE which took place at the head quarters of ONEGUA, where the actual governor of the district of Izabal, the community mayors, the local authorities and the different representatives of the institutions, associations and organizations were present. It was the first time we have participated in a meeting with such respect and order among the participants.
If we meet with the mayor today, we will provide him a copy of the strategic plan of the Parlamento Garifuna and with the certification that was signed by him on the 8th July 2008.

The main objective of our meeting today is to try and find out what role will this administration play in the Garifuna Community.

Day- 8 Thurs. 25/2/16- It is 5:45 in the morning and Rain Drops and Fire is in the making. Just got through reading one of Brother Salvador Suazo’s work and hoping at this moment to stress something of vital importance, there will be an activity later on today at the head quarters of ONEGUA, we the Ancestors of Tomorrow would like the directors of this particular activity to consider a minute of silence to honor the examples of a Garifuna Messenger.

In this case, we would like to share this information again with the world and the Garifuna Nation. We would appreciate the approval of the family and friends of Brother Salvador Suazo to support the essence of this message. La Presencia Garifuna in Guatemala- Pildorita-32 [Garifuna Presence in Guatemala].

The past couple days has been “something” from another world. Something like what took place at the Muni yesterday. We were at the Muni yesterday at 10:30 in the morning because the actual Mayor had accepted our appointment. It will always be the starting point of a Spiritual and Political relationship.

It is like a relationship between the Rain Drops and  Fire. While we were building the fire this morning we came to the conclusion that Brother Suazo is alive.

To be continued...


Lúbara Huya


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