Monday, April 18, 2016

Sister LaFrae

Day-20- Sun. 17/4/16- It is 2:15 in the morning and a Sister by the name of LaFrae is joining us.  There is a good chance that we could be sharing the same message with her at the headquarters of ONEGUA later today. But before we continue, we want to give thanks and praise to the Most High and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers for their intervention in our affairs.

The Ancestors of Tomorrow have accepted your call and we would like to share with you the reason why. It was a year ago today since we received a call from the embassy of the United States in Guatemala, and on the 30th April 2015 Ambassador Todd Robinson came to La Buga for the first time. He said then that Guatemala is a country that has two faces.

We believe that you are here to see a face of Guatemala that has never been seen before. A friend of ours wrote an article that is already circling in the network by the theme of Caribe Guatemalteco: No Todas Las Colonias Son Iguales.

 All Colonies Are Not Equal, or Not all colonies are alike is about the experience of a friend who is also a friend of Beluba Luba Furendie. Beluba Luba Furendie is group of friends from different backgrounds who have decided to provide alternative education to our communities in La Buga for the past eight years. For example we have been sharing English Programs in our communities for the past eight years.

 Sister LaFrae, your call on the local cable yesterday caught our attention, and we want to thank you on behalf of the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala. We are inviting you to take an open look at the situation.

In this we would like to share it in three parts, Part One should be where does the Garifuna People of Guatemala came from, part two should be where are we today as a Nation in Guatemala and last but not least where are we going?

Sister LaFrae, it is a joy to have you in La Buga, Guatemala

Aba Isieni

Lúbara Huya  

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