Saturday, April 30, 2016

Two Faces

Day- 25- Fri. 22/4/16- It is 4:35 in the morning and Two Faces is in the making, but before we continue allow us to build the fire for today. This fire will be burning for the next eight days. The 30th April 2016 is a day already set aside.

The Two Faces of Guatemala are more obvious today than what they were almost a year ago. It will be a year on the 30th April of this month since the Ambassador of the United States in Guatemala first visited La Buga.

We are looking forward to a day already set aside and we would like for you to join us on this journey. We would like to share a face of Guatemala never seen before for the next eight days. The next eight days will give birth to a new face.

Day- 26- Sat. 23/4/16- It is 5:54 in the morning and thinking about the concept of a “new face”.  Therefore, if a New Face exists then there has to be an Old Face somewhere in the mix.

Yesterday will remain as the moment of a transition from and an old face to a new face. We were able to visit the same junior high school that is named to honor our first Garifuna Teacher in Guatemala, which Dr. Joe visited on the 2nd February 2016.  About two a month later, Dr. Luther Castillo was at the same school, our son Imenigi was quiet impressed by what he heard and asked me if it was true. 

We told him that we first met Dr. Luther the same year he was born in 2004 and we are also impressed by his achievement and contribution to the Garifuna Nation.

We also believe that if there are no old faces then we will never have new ones. The Old Faces and the New Faces have to have something in common. We were at the fifth COMUDE meeting for this year at the headquarters of ONEGUA. The Administration of   Miguel Rax will celebrate a hundred days tomorrow and to be honest with you we have manage to follow the process from the 15th January 2016 until yesterday.

A proposal by a new face of the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala made it possible yesterday through Brother Mauricio, nephew of the late Humberto Bermudez. The message was clear that there is a need for an office in the Muni to attend the agenda of the Garifuna People in La Buga, Guatemala.  Bro. Mauricio was able to highlight and example. The 21st November of every year is Marcos Sanchez Diaz Day in La Buga, Guatemala. 

Day- 27- Sun. 24/4/16- It is 5:36 in the morning and for the most part conscious that we are not alone in this. The Ancestors of Tomorrow are a part of the first hundred days of “this” administration; we are speaking to President Jimmy Morales who sent a message to Donald Trump that Guatemala is about cheap labor.

We would like to cut and paste a message we shared with you over two years ago while we were in Tele Honduras from November 4th – November 8th 2013.

“I was able to say on the microphone that “words” can compromise an individual or a group based on what the person or group is saying. I was in Honduras to speak as the President of ONEGUA, but in this case I would like to take it to another level, I would like to take the opportunity to write my open speech. I am choosing the time and place to put this in writing because I would like to stand by what I am putting in writing.”

Here we are today to set the record straight that the Garifuna Nation goes beyond the borders that President Jimmy Morales is talking about. The world should know that the “territory”  that has brought conflict between Belize and Guatemala has been occupied by the Garifuna Nation for centuries. The Garifuna Nation in Central America should be invited to the negotiation table regarding the future of their “territory”’  

Day-29- Tues. 26/4/16- It is 5:46 in the morning and looking back at yesterday. Yesterday around this time in the morning we were getting ready to visit Gangadiwali. Our walk along the coast of the Amatique Bay yesterday created and image in our mind that had us tossing and turning last night. Never before have we seen the Chewecha River crying for water.

Gangadiwali was also crying for water while we were there. The crops that had their roots on the surface are withering away. The cracks in the soil were profound and it was our first time experiencing something like this.

La Buga is crying for water and we still have a month to go. Another year like this can change the course to worst. We cannot keep doing the same thing and then expect different results.

Day-32- Fri. 29/4/16- It is 4:12 in the morning and would to share with you, our point of view about the concept of the following message. We would like the opportunity to set the stage; we are writing about a stage in time.

It was forty eight years on the 4th April 2016 that Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated at Loraine Hotel in 1968. On the 4th April 2016 Bro. Humbe’ body was buried in La Buga.

We now understand more than before that there is a physical face and a spiritual face. Brothers like Celeo from Honduras and Brother Humbe from La Buga can now be face to face with the Ancestors of Tomorrow.

On the other hand, it will be a year tomorrow since the first visit of Mr. Todd Robinson, ambassador of the United States in Guatemala to La Buga. The relationship that Dr. Martin Luther King has with the Garifuna Nation continues. For some reason we were reading Unfulfilled Dreams, his final address at Bishop Charles J. Mason Temple in Memphis.

We believe that a lot has happened within the past forty eight years, and we believe that Dr. Martin Luther King would like to fulfill the dreams he had for the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala.

The name of the first Jr. High in La Buga was Martin Luther King in the late eighties. Now it registered in the name of the first Garifuna Teacher who had the honor to represent the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala in the name of “Education.”

About a week ago we lost control of our emotions and told our Brother Chico the principal of the establishment that the “education” that this government is feeding our children is TRASH. We have mentioned that Our Sons and Daughters deserve the “same opportunities” the children of Jimmy Morales are having.  Ambassador Todd Robinson had the chance to look into the eyes of these children on the 17th April 2016. We had written Sister LaFrae that she would see a face of Guatemala never seen before. Mr. Todd Robinson you had the chance to see a part of our reality in Guatemala. The reality is that the government of Guatemala has been feeding our children “junk food” or “junk education.”

We believe that this is not the dream that Dr. Martin Luther King had for the Garifuna People of Guatemala. Therefore it is vital for us to understand that we have to exceed our own expectations to fulfill the unfulfilled dreams.

Day- 33- Sat. 30/4/16- It is 5:53 in the morning and would like to share with you what is unfolding in front of our eyes. For some reason we have been studying and praying. We have been praying and studying “ I’VE BEEN ON THE MOUNTAIN TOP” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  It has been forty eight years since the intervention of the Most High, the Almighty in our affairs and we won’t stop here.

If we the Garifuna Nation of Guatemala were standing on the edge of time, we would ask the Almighty, the Most High and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers to intervene in Our Affairs


Lúbara Huya       

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