Saturday, June 11, 2016

Stand By What You Say

Day- 35- Sat. 11/6/16- It is 5:14 in the morning and Stand by what you say is in the making.

For a man to say that he is “Pretty” is not an ever day occasion, and it is not an easy concept to grasp. So far, he has been the only pretty man I have ever seen in a ring. He has been the only pretty man to stand by what he say, rain, shine, wet or fine, please smile with me.

We first heard of Mohammad Ali in the early seventies while living in Pomona Valley in the district of what is now Dangriga Belize. During his last fights in early eighties we were already living in South Central in Los Angeles.

Yesterday we were watching cable television live from Kentucky, where Mohammad Ali shared his youth. We were able to learn how Ali has touched our lives. To touch the world in a way that Ali did, unfolds in unique ways.

To stand by what you say, from our point of view cannot be measured by the amount of words that you are using to get the message across. Ali was able to use a lot of words to get the message across; however it was the principles behind those words that made him pretty.

 One of our favorite concepts to date is to stand by what we say; “principles” however have brought us to this moment. We want to world to know that the Garifuna Nation will miss you.

On the other hand, we have been feeding the idea that we were going to share has unfolded during the past seven days starting here “ Day- 27- Fri. 3/6/16- It is 6:11in the morning and have been thinking about a date that has been set aside. The 26th July 2016 will be a Day 40 and symbolize a return.  It will be four years this July since the largest group of youngsters ever gatherer together in Gangadiwali.

It will be four years since we have been cultivating the idea of a return, the return of the young brothers and sisters who were in Gangadiwali four years ago. We have mentioned before the importance of a relationship between the two faces.

The old face and the new face, has to have something in common.  We believe that our Spirituality is the common ground. It has been our guiding light and it is taking us back to Gangadiwali.

Day 28- Sat. 4/6/16- It  is 4:58 in the morning and has been  thinking about a message we shared with you yesterday morning that goes like this “We believe that our Spirituality is the common ground.”

We came in contact with Bro. Fermin, Bro. Fafa and Bencho on my way to La Pista to visit Waba yesterday. From our point of view, it was obvious that our center was Garifuna Spirituality.  We have said before and we are saying it again that our Spirituality has not failed us, we have failed our Spirituality.

The situation and condition in Guatemala is calling for change. The situation and condition among the Garifuna Nation is calling for change. Our Spirituality is calling for change.

 It will be vitally important for the reader to understand that this message will have to go beyond our personal differences. Change comes with a price. Change is the result of cause and effect.

 The 26th July 2016 will fall on a Tuesday more or less fifty two days away and would like for you to join us on a Spiritual Adventure.

We asked the readers a question not long ago about when was the last time you did something for the first time. A Spiritual Adventure is a concept that allows you to see Heaven on Earth.

Day-29- Sun. 5/6/16- It is 5:02 in the morning and was thinking about what unfolded in front of our eyes at the head quarters of ONEGUA at the monthly meeting for the community leaders yesterday evening.

The main menu of the meeting continues to be the water crisis in La Buga. We were told by one of the engineers who came with the team that they had been at the same water source in 1998 trying to do same thing they are doing now. They told us in so many words that there is enough water at the source to supply La Buga twenty four hours for the next forty to fifty years.

In this case, we would like our readers to understand that so far it has been a process. We are getting a second chance at the same project eighteen years later.  We are inviting to join us and support the cause.

Let’s not be the ones to be blamed by the future generation.  Let’s not be the ones to stop the growth of La Buga, because without water there will be no growth. Let’s be the ones to take a chance at the possibilities. Let be the ones to take a chance at “change.”

Day-30- Mon.  6/6/16- It is 2:44 in the morning and our mind is set on this moment. From our point of view, a moment like this is what heaven on earth is all about; it is when the mind, body and soul come together as one.

The mind, body, and soul now become “we” it is an understanding that at this dimension we become the past, present and future. Now in this moment we are the Ancestors of Tomorrow.

The word that caught my attention this morning while we were studying the Strategic Plan of the Parlamento Garifuna was the word Vision .

The concept of a Vision for our Nation is vital, in this case where do we see ourselves in the future. Heaven on earth is a moment that continues, from this moment, to the moment this message finds you, it becomes an understanding.

Day-33- Thurs. 9/6/16- It is 4:31 in the morning and just got through studying RESOLUCIÓN N0. 452   it got to our hands by way of Bro Baldo Estero yesterday but was issued on April 8th 2016, by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala. 

RESOLUCIÓN  N0. 452, is now an “agreement” that gives the parents of public school students a legal instrument to play a role in the decision making regarding the future of our children and grandchildren. We would like the actual president of the Republic of Guatemala, President, Jimmy Morales to know, that he and his team has exceeded the expectations of many, including ours.

We the Garifuna of Guatemala would like to give you our “Word”, that we hope to be among the first public schools to be registered in a project like this from La Buga. We want to thank you and your team for making a difference.

On the other hand the responsibility that will lie on our shoulders as Garifuna Parents will depend on the same standard. How many of us are ready for the extra mile.  How many of us can exceed our own expectations? How many of us can make a difference?”

Stand by what you say!
Lúbara Huya

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