Sunday, July 3, 2016

Light And Darkness

Day-15- Fri. 1/7/16- It is 6:24 in the morning, because of what unfolded in front of our eyes yesterday in La Guairá, next to Gangadiwali, is the main reason why we are sharing this message with you today.

Day-17 – Sun. 3/7/16- It is 5:52 in the morning,  Light and Darkness is in the making.  The past seventy hours has been like another world for us, it has taught us the difference between day and night and between light and darkness.

Duality is a concept that we first started sharing with our readers from an experience we had in Tela Honduras from November 4th - November 8th 2013.  What took place in La Guaira and Gangadiwali on Thursday June 30th 2016 and what took place at Bro Fermin’s home on Friday July 1st 2016 is like light and darkness.

Before we continue first we would like to give and thanks and praise to the Most High and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers for their intervention in our affairs. We want to thank you for being here; In this case we would like to share a message with you that we will take us back to Tele Honduras ,November 4th November 2013.

“I was able to say on the microphone that “words” can compromise an individual or a group based on what the person or group is saying. I was in Honduras to speak as the President of ONEGUA, but in this case I would like to take it to another level, I would like to take the opportunity to write my open speech. I am choosing the time and place to put this in writing because I would like to stand by what I am putting in writing”.

Tomorrow will be two years and eight months since the experience we are writing about took place. We have learned that the concept of duality is a way of life. We believe that it is not a concept we can measure in terms of what comes first, whether it is the egg or the hen. We believe that it is one and the same.

We acknowledge that there are two forces that repels and sometimes it may look to naked eyes like they are fighting against each other. There was a side of me that unfolded at Fermin’s home that has brought us to this moment.

There have been many dark moments in my life and one of them was Friday 1st 2016. I realized that I am responsible for the darkness that took place and will give my word that darkness will not prevail.

The light has allowed me to see the darkness that I have created in the eyes of Brother Fafa and other against me. I am responsible one hundred percent for the darkness he had seen in me. 

This much we will put in writing; we will never again speak of separation, if unity is what we are looking for.  This search could have its roots in California in the year 1992; it was an occasion that the Garifuna Nation came together.

So far, this particular journey has taken twenty four years; Bencho, Brother Fermin and I were at that occasion in Los Angles California in 1992. Last Friday Bencho and I were at Brother Fermi’s home along with Bro Mariano, Bro. Fafa and Bro. David .  I would like to apologize to these brothers. I am giving them my word that I will never again speak from the dark side of me.

On the other hand tomorrow will be another day; it will be like the birth of a new beginning. Bro Fermin was born on a day like tomorrow. The fourth of July was set aside many years ago.

The concept of a calendar caught our attention from Pildorita 60 Cuando Comienza el Año Nuevo Garifuna  by Brother Salvador Suazo.

In this case, by our calendar, tomorrow will be Day-18. Day-18 on our calendar has always been a mystic day. Therefore Brother Fermin was born on a Mystic Day and we would like to wish him a Mystical Birthday.

Au- Le
Lúbara Huya

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